Challenger Cup - The next ultimate challenge

The next generation of Master Class pilots are already in training, under the spotlight on a global stage in the Challenger Cup. 

For Challenger Class pilots Ben Murphy, Kevin Coleman, Luke Czepiela, Cristian Bolton, Mélanie Astles, Daniel Ryfa, Francis Barros and Florian Bergér, the Challenger Cup is the next ultimate challenge in their flying careers. It offers a unique opportunity to experience racing in the track, the extra demands of air racing, and gain experience in the set up and running of a team – everything required as a skillset to move up and enter into the Master Class in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

"It allows us to learn without any pressure," says 23 year old US pilot Kevin Coleman. "It's a nice transition from the normal flying that we're used to doing up into the Master Class of the Red Bull Air Race."

Check out the Challenger pilots' take on training for the ultimate motorsports series in the sky...