Indianapolis 2017 reactions: Challenger Cup

A disappointing day for the Challengers

Astles wins

The Challengers didn't get to race today, but the pilots were in fine spirits about Indianapolis and the season just gone...

1st Melanie Astles
"Given how much the conditions are changing here, some pilots would have had more rain, some more wind, and yesterday we all had the same conditions so I think it was a level playing field. But I'm sorry not to have the chance to fly today. I'm feeling really great. I think this racetrack is for me really a good one, because I'm setting all my records here – my first podium last year, my first Qualifying win yesterday and then that Quali became a race! So yesterday without knowing it, I was winning my race. Because it wasn't Race Day, I think I was more relaxed and this was probably what made me win. So now I know what to do – I just have to stop thinking it's a race and everything will be fine! I'm really looking forward to next year."

2nd Luke Czepiela
"Back to Indy and back on the podium. Second in this race and third overall in the Challenger Cup is one step better than last year. So next year if I take one more step I can win it. Of course I'm disappointed not to fly as I really like this track, but it's better like this than to be farther down the ranking."

3rd Ben Murphy
"It's always disappointing, we had the same in Las Vegas last year, where our final was cancelled, so its annoying that our final has been cancelled two years on the trot. We all Qualified in good spirits and were looking forward to getting back in the track, so it's disappointing. As a group we've all excelled this season and taken our skill sets higher. It's always so close in every session. It's been another year for me of learning and improving and I'll take it from strength to strength."

4th Florian Bergér
"On the one hand I'm very happy to have won, but I would have rather flown to lose or win the first position here. Maybe I could've won the race here. It's great to have a second overall title!"

5th Daniel Ryfa
"Overall with the results from this year. Of course I wanted to win this year and I was hoping to race here in Indy, but the weather is what it is. I haven't been doing any good times this week, but in the tougher conditions I feel it would've worked in my favour. So overall I'm happy, but I would've preferred to have flown today."

6th Kevin Coleman
"Most of the time Qualifying doesn't really matter to us in the Challenger Cup so I wasn't worried about it yesterday. I knew the weather was a bit iffy so I decided to use Qualifying as another training run, but it's bitten me on the butt. I could've gone faster if I'd used it as a Qualifying run. I hate to end the year like this, but it is what it is and I'll concentrate on next year. This season there was too much up and down. I made too many rookie mistakes this year that I should've made last season. Hopefully next year will be better. I think I have a good momentum that I'll take into the winter and I'll be ready for race one next year.