Indianapolis 2017: Round of 14 preview

It's the last race of the season and it begins here

Brageot will be first in the track

Before the sun sets tonight, one of these 14 pilots will be only the second pilot to win at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. One of them will also be crowned World Champion. Anything can happen on Race Day, but it all starts here...

Heat 1
Mikael Brageot v Pete McLeod
Brageot has improved immeasurably in his first year in the Master Class and all season his goal has been to reach the Final 4. This is his last chance and he'll have to work hard as he's up against one of the championship challengers in Pete McLeod. McLeod hasn't had the best runs here in Indianapolis, however he feels the pressure is on other pilots, so he'll be able to concentrate on just the flight.

Heat 2
Yoshihide Muroya v Martin Sonka
The World Championship could be decided here! These two are first and second in the standings and just four points apart. The have both won in the last two races and will be looking to draw on those performances to grow their confidence ahead of their heat. This is the heat everyone will be watching.

Heat 3
Peter Podlunsek v Matthias Dolderer
This could be Peter Podlunsek's last ever flight through the track, so he'll want to make it a good one. Podlunsek's problem is that he is up against the 2016 World Champion Matthias Dolderer. Dolderer is another pilot looking to take something positive away from this season. Apart from his podium in San Diego, the German pilot has struggled all season. Dolderer has been strong here and was the winner last year... so can he do it again?

Heat 4
Kirby Chambliss v Juan Velarde
Chambliss is looking to win his third title. He is in fourth at the moment, but could clinch the title if other heats go his way. He hasn't enjoyed this track, but with the more testing weather, Chambliss feels this will play into his hands and give him an advantage. Velarde has blown hot and cold all season – he can be awesome in one run and then capitulate in the next. It depends what Velarde brings today for the race.

Heat 5
Michael Goulian v Nicolas Ivanoff
Two veterans of the Master Class face off against each other. Goulian will want to show his skills in front of his home fans and finish the season on a high. Ivanoff is a master of the speedway tracks and will also want to get something out of this season. It will be a close run thing to see who comes out on top.

Heat 6
François Le Vot v Petr Kopfstein
Le Vot has shown signs of brilliance this season, but he hasn't performed how he would've liked. He's going to have to fly the perfect line to go through. Kopfstein was ecstatic after Qualifying in second. His second season in the Master Class has been great for the Czech pilot and you would think he could claim another podium here today.

Heat 7
Cristian Bolton v Matt Hall
Bolton enjoys being in Indianapolis – it's the site of his very first Master Class race. But he's going up against Matt Hall, who has been strong all race week and looks to end his season on a high. Hall's season has gone exactly how he planned it. He knew with a new raceplane and new team members it was going to be a learning curve. But those changes that hit hard at the start of the season are paying off. He's claimed podiums in the last two races and he would love to finish the season with a win – which could easily happen.

The Master Class pilots fly into the Round of 14 at 13:00 (local), don't miss a moment, catch all the action right HERE!

Indianapolis 2017 Master Class Round of 14 startlist