Indianapolis 2018: Challenger Cup reactions

The pilots have the last words on the Challenger Cup at the IMS

Bergér happy with his win

The Challengers have chalked up Race Day in Indianapolis. Here's what they thought about their performances...

1st Florian Bergér
"I cannot believe it! It's so much fun to win here, and to fly here, but it was very close. Because I had such a big break since my last race, I wanted to take it step by step here and keep it simple. I just wanted to try my best and be safe – and in the end win. I am very happy to be in the Finals in Texas, but I won't calculate the points, I will just do my best and we will see the outcome. It would be very nice to win the Challenger Cup, especially because we changed to an Edge 540 raceplane this season, so it would be an especially amazing feeling to win in this plane as well. But step by step."

2nd Kevin Coleman
"When I got out of the plane and saw I had the track record I thought, 'well, that's going to be good enough.' But you know, I've stolen a couple of these wins from Flo, but a tenth of a second and today he did it to me. If I'm going to get second I want it to be to Flo, he's the best in the Challenger Class and probably the best there ever will be, so if I have to finish second to him, I'll take it."

3rd Patrick Davidson
"I'm actually a bit overwhelmed to be honest, I would've liked to have been on the top step, but it's my first season so I'm not going to complain. To be racing against these guys makes it a tough competition and I'm grateful to be here. I made a decision to not worry about being in the final. I listened to Martin's [Sonka] comments about just focusing on the race, so that's what I did. I had no penalties so it's all good."

4th Baptiste Vignes
"My flight was exactly what I wanted to do today, no penalties and no mistakes and I set my best time of the week. And congratulations to all the winners, the times were close and it makes for a great competition. I'm happy with how my season went and super happy that I'm going to be in the Final; this was my goal for the season.

5th Dario Costa
"I have zero feelings, I don't know what happened. I was sure my flight was quick and I flew the exact lines I wanted and I was slower. I felt coordinated, I felt tight, but where I thought I was gaining I was losing time. It's a mess, but it's still a great experience, I'm just disappointed."

6th Daniel Genevey
"I was surprised when I heard the time, I thought I'd been given a penalty because I thought I was a lot faster. But you known what, I wasn't under any pressure, I just wanted to show that I could fly penalty free. So I'm not too disappointed."

7th Kenny Chiang
*Kenny Chiang was unavailable for comment due to illness