Matt Hall's title hopes

How can the Australian pilot claim the World Championship?

Matt Hall Racing is focused on 2016

Matt Hall Racing has had a brilliant 2015. They were in the World Championship fight right up to the Round of 8 in the final race of the season. They were only out of contention once Paul Bonhomme made it into the Final 4.

In this career-defining year for the Australian, he was on the podium seven times and claimed his first and second career win. That would give most racers reason to celebrate, but not Hall, he's already looking to this season. "I've never been one to sit down, look behind me and say how good is that? 

"I've been a definite goal setter, so we'll be back in the saddle and continue to put pressure on the top end of the field," said Hall. And with Paul Bonhomme retiring, he knows that the competition is going to be even tighter. "There are going to be guys who didn't have a great season who will be at the top end of the field next year," he added.

Hall and his team feel the real turning point, in terms of success for 2016, didn't arrive until Las Vegas. "It was a great way to end the season and it's really good to know we can come up with a plan and make it happen. We knew we had to win the race, and we did it. So it's good to know that when we choose to take risks to win we are able to," explained Hall.

Matt Hall Racing's MXS-R raceplane has been on the road since the beginning of the 2014 season. It had major work done with winglets added for the season just gone, but that was completed in Germany, so it was shipped back to Australia for extensive work. "The raceplane was flying well but it needed some work. You've always got to keep developing. If you sit on your laurels, even when you're winning, you're going to get overtaken," said Hall.

Team technician, Ireneusz 'Eric' Cieslar, understands the benefit of having the team's MXS-R in Australia "Some teams struggle to get the right set up for the heat at certain races. We've been working in 35°C during our engine set-up. Some teams, such as Pete McLeod's, were working in -30°C so we have a better idea of how things might go in the racetrack," explained Cieslar.

Before the 2015 season was even complete, Hall was looking towards what could be the year he is crowned World Champion. "I was already thinking about 2016 before the final round, which is good for me, because it means I was already thinking about the future. I can't wait to get back into it," concluded Hall.