The correct lines are essential

Steve Jones gives his opinion of the Abu Dhabi racetrack

Chambliss on the line

The Race Director of the Red Bull Air Race, Steve Jones, flew the Abu Dhabi track today and has highlighted several points on the circuit where he believes the race can be won or lost. "It's a brilliant track," said Jones. "But there are three places where pilots are really going to have to be careful or they will lose time," he explained.

For 2016 the Abu Dhabi track sees the return of the Vertical Turning Manoeuvre at Gate 3. This is the first corner that Jones thinks might cost the pilots time. "After the pilots have gone through Gate 3 they have to turn back on themselves. There will be several ways to do it. So the pilots could drop time here if they take the wrong line."

After the Vertical Turning Manoeuvre there is the back straight of Gates 4-5-6. "This is a big 's' turn and if the pilots get the angles wrong they could lose a lot of time," said Jones. "Getting the correct line as you enter those three gates is critical," he added.

The last single pylon, Gate 7 is the final part of the track the pilots will have to pay particular attention to. "At the last Gate before the Start/Finish Gate, the subtlety of the turns will be essential if the pilots want to post a good time," concluded Jones.