Gate Four will test pilots' skill in Rovinj

Race Director Steve Jones gives his opinion on the 2015 Rovinj racetrack

Turning vertical will be where it's won

Today the pilots got to fly the Rovinj track for the first time. In testing wind conditions, the pilots found some of the turns difficult to navigate. They will be analysing their performances tonight and working out where they need to readjust.

Race Director Steve Jones saw all today's action from the Race Tower and has highlighted what is working and what isn't. "The first thing to say is; ignore today's timesheets. They don't mean anything as it's only day one," he said.

There was a strong wind blowing from the shore, and due to the track layout this created a crosswind for every gate. "When you have a strong crosswind, it means the aircraft isn't going where the pilot is pointing it," explained Jones. "Gate Four caught a lot of pilots out. We saw some unusual lines through it and there were more pylon hits than expected," he added.

Another consideration for the pilots is the three vertical turning manoeuvres. At the other tracks so far this season, the pilots have been able to fly flat, but due to the crowd line they will have to turn much steeper. "The pilot that is the most accurate through the vertical turning manoeuvres will benefit," said Jones. "A few of the pilots flew quite close to the crowd line today. It's well marked out, they need to avoid it as it will be a Disqualification for them."

One advantage the pilots have is that the favourable weather conditions mean they'll get a lot of practice in the track giving them plenty of opportunities to work out the correct line for their style of flying, "You can't be too aggressive on this track. Over G will be an issue," warned Jones. "The guys with the faster raceplanes will have to be careful," he concluded.