Introducing... Nigel Lamb

Considered a legend among pilots, Britain’s Nigel Lamb is a force to be reckoned with in the air

Nigel Lamb prepares for flight

Making his Red Bull Air Race debut in 2005, Lamb has steadily climbed the ranks to finish in 3rd place overall in 2010 after a remarkable season. His personal commitment to the development of the revolutionary MXS-R carbon fibre raceplane paid off as he made significant modifications throughout the 2009/10 seasons and paired his skill with a finely-tuned machine.

His appetite for achievement began when Lamb first applied to join the Air Force at age 11. In his native Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), he remained undeterred until he was finally accepted at 18 and spent six years flying in the Rhodesian Air Force.

"I lived on a farm and it was like climbing a mountain and seeing the eagles soaring. The idea of three-dimensional flying always captivated me and I managed to pursue that dream," says Lamb. "My most memorable flight has to be going solo in the military flying by myself for the first time. I'd reached one of the first hurdles in flying and it felt wonderful."

With experience flying helicopters and a range of piston and jet aircraft, Lamb then moved across to the UK with a new dream – to become an aerobatic display pilot. His determination came to the fore once again as he developed longstanding partnerships with commercial sponsors and took his Pitts aerobatic team around the globe to amaze crowds across the continents.

"The Pitts Special biplane was the first truly aerobatic aircraft I flew and even though the performance is quite pedestrian compared to the new composite monoplanes it doesn't take away any of the pleasure," states Lamb. "I enjoy the Pitts as much now as when I flew it full-time."

But it was in the world of competition aerobatics that Lamb made the greatest impact, winning the UK national Unlimited title eight times. A born competitor, Lamb takes defeat to heart and insists upon excellence at every stage. His unquestionable skill in the cockpit is testament to his flying prowess and it will be thrilling to watch as he prepares to stake his claim on the title in 2014 after a career-best performance in 2010.