Dynamic duo step up for 2016

Former team techs Wade Hammond and Jim Reed join the Red Bull Air Race aviation team

Hammond and Reed compare notes

Two of the most experienced team technicians in the Red Bull Air Race have moved over to the Aviation Team of the World Championship for the 2016 season.

Wade Hammond and Jim 'Jimbo' Reed are now the Red Bull Air Race's Technical Manager and Technical Director. Their roles are broad, but during the race weekend their main priority is to makes sure all the teams are abiding by the rules of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship – and as former team technicians, they will know those rules only too well.

Hammond has been part of the Red Bull Air Race since 2005. He joined as Team Bonhomme's technician and worked with Bonhomme until his retirement last year. During his time with the team Hammond helped him to three World Championship titles.

Reed first became involved with the Red Bull Air Race by working with Wade for Team Bonhomme on modifications to their race aircraft. In 2010 he became the technician for Team Besenyei, and when the series returned in 2014, Reed worked for Nicolas Ivanoff for the last three races and the entire 2015 season.

Both Hammond and Reed are now on the other side of the fence. Their roles are to ensure that all the teams are abiding by the official rules and regulations, and that no team gets an unfair advantage. They also have to approve all modifications for each raceplane, and make sure that when the pilots return from a flying session that they are still above the minimum weight limit of 696kg.  

The pair are taking their new positions very seriously and believe with stricter implementation of the rules the Red Bull Air Race will become an even better motorsport.