Reactions: Master Class Race Day in Budapest

The pilots give their thoughts on an epic day at the Red Bull Air Race

Arch makes it back to back wins

What a thriller we've had in Budapest, Hannes Arch has made it two in a row. Here are the pilots thoughts on a fantastic day's racing in the Hungarian capital:

1st Hannes Arch
"I wasn't really expecting to win, but I was kind of hoping I would. I'm really proud of myself that I nailed my best time in the Final 4. Budapest is a great race, I've now won here twice, and it was where I first won my first ever Red Bull Air Race. I'm already looking forward to coming back."

2nd Paul Bonhomme
"Coming to Budapest I had a good feeling about this race. But we struggled to keep up with Matt all week and struggled to keep up with everyone in Qualifying! When we get to Ascot we'll just do what we always do, but it's going to be tough."

3rd Martin Sonka
"I knew it was going to be hard to beat Matt, but I didn't think about it, I just concentrated on my own flight. I wasn't thinking about winning in the final four, I was just thinking about the fact I needed to fly again. I didn't like my flight in the Final 4, my flight in the Round of 8 was better – but I was still on the podium so I'm happy."

4th Pete McLeod
"I'm satisfied with being in the Final 4, but you always want to get on the podium. Overall I'm happy with my race. For Ascot we're going to build on what happened here. There are some positives to take from this race. We have some development and analysis to look at, which will help us progress. I'm going to get into the data now, see what happened and where I lost my time."

5th Matt Hall
"I'm obviously disappointed. I thought I flew the exact same run as I flew in the other rounds. I know Martin had put in a good time, but I was surprised when I heard my own. We're not sure what happened, we're going to look at the data and see what happened. I can take the positives that we dominated all week, and were the fastest out there right up until the Round of 8. My team are great and we're working really well. It was my race to lose, and I did!"

6th Peter Besenyei
"It was a good race for me. I've still got to get used to the new raceplane. I've only had two hours in it and I've got to sort a couple of things out. The seat needs to move back as I'm in an uncomfortable position and I need to adjust the forces on the stick as they're really strong. I'm so happy for me and the people that the Red Bull Air Race is back in Budapest."

7th Matthias Dolderer
"I could've performed better this weekend. Without the penalty I would've had the faster time and made it into the Final 4. It was really hot out there for today, which is OK for the pilots, we can cope, but the engines really suffer. The air density means the propeller can't pull as hard and when you lose speed it's so hard to get it back."

8th Nigel Lamb
"I'm completely dissatisfied with my performance. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. I backed off yesterday and in the big turns pushed too hard today. We've got a big rethink about the controls and handling lined up when we get the aircraft back to the UK. We might switch back to the 2014 settings. I have a great team, and if we go back somethign might change, but I don't know."

9th Yoshihide Muroya
"Actually, I think I did a good job given the situation – our computing system is down and I had almost no information to fly with. It's very difficult to be competitive with no information. We have much more work to do before the next race to be better."

10th Kirby Chambliss
"When I heard Peter's time I knew it was fast. Just looking at his raceplane he's got all the mods to his Edge that I want. The heat did make it uncomfortable today, but I live in the desert so I'm used to the heat."

11th Michael Goulian
"Budapest has always been a magical place for me. When you fly under the bridge it gets the heart going before you're even in the track. I'm disappointed with my time, but I've got a great team that's learning, we had a good week but today was difficult. I'm really happy with my team and we're really making improvements."

12th François Le Vot
"We have to work on the raceplane to create less drag, and the main concern is to reduce the temperature of the engine, which is getting too hot for racing. We'll make modifications, such as a new cowling. I'm sure we'll make the same mistakes all the others did when they were new to the competition. We all have to learn – me, the technicians, and people who make the cowling – but better to make a mistake when trying to advance than not to act at all. This race was much more enjoyable for me than the last one because I've gained confidence in myself. My time gap is reducing."

13th Juan Velarde
"We made quite a lot of modifications to the raceplane before we came to Budapest, and I don't know if we will have time to make any more before Ascot, but we will try. I'm satisfied with the evolution of our weekend. In today's flight I didn't find the lines I took yesterday – I had to push to the maximum against a pilot like Hannes Arch and I got a penalty. But through the weekend our improvement has been good, and I'm very pleased with how our team is working.

14th Nicolas Ivanoff
"Over G is really difficult to control and I just pulled a little bit too hard. It was always a track where Over G was going to be an issue. The track wasn't too technical, but when it's a simple track the smallest mistake will cost you."