Reactions: Master Class Race Day in Rovinj

Perfect conditions in Rovinj made for some spectacular racing

Arch is ecstatic to have won in Rovinj

The 2015 Red Bull Air Race season keeps improving with every race. Here's what the pilots thought of Race Day in Rovinj:

1st Hannes Arch
"This was a really important win after the slow start in Abu Dhabi and the disaster in Chiba. If you want to win you need to know you can win and that's why today is so important. We tried to do everything today to catch Paul [Bonhomme], I gained ground and he lost it today. I'm feeling so positive with my team, we're exactly where we want to be – it was hard to get there, but I like this feeling and want to keep it."

2nd Martin Sonka
"Of course I'm very happy, and I'm happy for my whole team. We worked so hard analysing the racetrack, setting up the raceplane. I'm pleased for my team. We were so close to winning. I was only a tenth of a second behind the winner so could've won. Today consistency and coping with pressure was what won. I was lucky in the Round of 8, with Matthias [Dolderer] making a mistake, but we just got faster and faster throughout today. We would like to compete for the World Championship but I think the results in Abu Dhabi and Chiba have left us too far behind."

3rd Matt Hall
"Coming to work this morning I was confident I was going to finish on the podium, I didn't think I was going to have to scratch through as the fastest loser. I was really happy with how I flew in the Round of 8. I'm really proud of my whole team, we've got a great raceplane and if we continue the way we're going, we'll be up there at the end of the season."

4th Michael Goulian
"This has been a good week, we've been consistent throughout. Today I was right on the edge. I was pushing really hard because I knew it was going to be difficult to get under 54 seconds with my raceplane and that's where I pulled too hard and got the over G. We're still setting up the raceplane properly and once we do that we can start working on modifications."

5th Nigel Lamb
"I'm very happy although I'm a bit disappointed with another fifth place, it's becoming a bit regular. I've put the new elevators on my raceplane for Rovinj and it's taken time for me to adjust to them, but I'm happy with my time and once I have more flight time with them I'll get even faster."

6th Matthias Dolderer
"I knew I had the lines early in the week, but I didn't want to show them to everyone else. Even with my penalty I still nearly beat Martin [Sonka] in the Round of 8, so I feel really confident about Budapest already. I've got some ideas for modifications, but you might not see them."

7th Pete McLeod
"Overall I'm disappointed that I didn't make it into the Final Four. I flew two good runs, but picked up an incorrect level penalty. It's all so close, if you're not right on the limit you're not going to be winning."

8th Paul Bonhomme
"I was going for it and looking at the data I was only 0.06 of a second over the 0.5 second G limit – that's a muscle twitch. Matt and I are now in joint first and that's great for the competition. I also saw that in Qualifying the top five were within two hundredths of a second, and that's great for this competition as well. The series is so close."

9th Nicolas Ivanoff
"Yesterday I felt good in the raceplane and performed badly, today I didn't feel as good. When you're last in Qualifying you have to really push in the Round of 14 and try to put the pressure on the shoulders of others, but it didn't work out today. I'm really happy with my team, we're working well together."

10th Yoshihide Muroya
"I was close to having the fastest time of the day. I saw that Pete [McLeod] was pushing really hard, so I had to push hard as well and I was just at the wrong angle through Gate 10. My new raceplane is getting better all the time and we're still adjusting the settings, so we have to work on that."

11th Kirby Chambliss
"I can't remember the last time I was high through an Air Gate. Mike [Goulian] flew a great lap and I had to get out there and get him. I was concentrating so hard I didn't even realise I was high. It was a silly mistake, I'm disappointed, my team is disappointed, but we're going to keep trying to improve."

12th Peter Besenyei
"It's been a really good race in perfect conditions. My times have been the same for most of the flights so I can't get any more out of my raceplane. It's a great aircraft and I really like it, but it's just not right for the Red Bull Air Race."

13th Juan Velarde
"I got my penalty but the overall picture is good. I think overall I'm improving and being more consistent, even though the result wasn't so good. We haven't had time until now to do some modifications. We will try and push ahead so we can start improving our times more. We're changing the canopy, taking a lot of weight out of it. It will be rewired as well. So it'll be lighter, faster and more aerodynamic. However, you never know if they're going to work or not."

14th François Le Vot
"The chicane is where I've always been confident, so I wanted to go really tight, but I got too tight to it and didn't make it. I don't mind that mistake, that's something I know I can fix. My main concern is that I can fly relaxed, I can fly aggressively, it doesn't seem to alter my times. I'm taking the raceplane back to France and will work with it."