Weather no issue for steely Brit Bonhomme

Undeterred by the wind across Tokyo Bay, former champ is optimistic

Paul Bonhomme is gearing up for a 2015 comeback

Flying in windy and difficult conditions is nothing new for Britain's Paul Bonhomme and he is eagerly looking forward to this weekend's racing on a challenging, windswept Red Bull Air Race track set up in Tokyo Bay in Chiba, Japan.

Bonhomme, accustomed to heavy winds and difficult weather at home in England, excelled at the most windswept race last at home in Ascot, taking first place. He is full of confidence in the run-up for the first race ever in Eastern Asia.

"If you didn't go flying in England because there was something wrong with the weather you'd never go flying," said Bonhomme, the two-time World Champion of the world's fastest motorsport series and 2015 championship leader after winning the season opener in Abu Dhabi in February. "I think we kind of just get used to flying even if there's a bit of wind or cloud or rain. We just carry on.

"Maybe it's because I'm from the UK that I'm a meteorology optimist. I think the wind is going to be fine even though I know there are issues with the barges and setting up the Air Gates. We've found in the past that a stiff wind will lengthen the time in the track but it makes it more interesting from a spectator point of view to see how each pilot deals with it. The wind on the surface is quite blustery. The key is to fly appropriately to the conditions you're given."