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A passionate contender in the Red Bull Air Race since 2003, Nicolas Ivanoff has five career race victories to his credit. Ivanoff has sometimes been an enigma, flying with supreme confidence at certain races while off his game at others, but Red Bull Air Race fans around the world have long admired his elegant style in the sky and exceptional ability to handle technical tracks.

Fellow competitors always keep him in their sights. 

Ivanoff takes an artistic approach to piloting a raceplane, comparing it to "painting in the sky," and his personal sensibilities are equally as refined. The quintessential Frenchman is invariably the best-dressed pilot both in and out of the cockpit, and his sophisticated tastes are balanced by a genuine joie de vivre that makes his hangar one of the liveliest.

A Corsican of Russian and Greek heritage, Ivanoff was a longtime instructor at the famous "Corse Voltige" flying school. He became an aerobatic pilot in the early 1990s, and as a member of his country's aerobatics team from 1997 to 2005, in 2008 and between 2011-2013, he was on the French team that won the 2000 World Aerobatic Championships in Toulouse. He also clinched second place in the French National Unlimited Aerobatics Championship in 2004. 

Fascinated by technology and attentive to minute detail, Ivanoff possesses an enviable mix of style and substance.

Ivanoff had his worst season in 2017, finishing 11th, but he will want to bounce back and claim more wins. 2018 will be a year that will see Ivanoff pushing all the way to climb up that leaderboard.