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Yoshihide "Yoshi" Muroya has been one of the hardest working and most focused pilots in the Red Bull Air Race. And his dedication paid off with one of the biggest stories of the sport's history in 2017 when he was crowned the World Champion after one of the most exciting seasons ever. Muroya won four of the eight races which saw him take the title, but poor results in other races meant that the championship went all the way to the final run of the final race.

Muroya started turning heads in the 2016 season when he clinched his first race win – and the first for his native Japan – in front of 90,000 home fans on a thrilling June weekend in Chiba. The first Asian pilot in the World Championship, Muroya has been instrumental in building the sport's popularity in the region, and he won't rest until he becomes World Champion.

Muroya started glider training as an 18-year-old university student, eventually claiming third place in Japan's glider championship. He earned his pilot's licence in the USA and studied aerobatics under renowned instructor Randy Gagne. On the way to becoming Japan's top aerobatics pilot, he participated in events including the Advanced World Aerobatic Championships, the World Aerobatic Championships and European Championships.

Muroya is also a passionate advocate of aviation and of Fukushima, his home since 1998. He's flown in hundreds of air shows to inspire spectators, and after Fukushima was rocked by a devastating earthquake in 2011, he was named a goodwill ambassador for the area. He continues to work toward Fukushima's recovery, and his persistence and mental toughness are an inspiration to residents.