Hall and Sonka fastest in the Round of 8

Sonka crossing the Finish Gate

Heartbreak for Chambliss as a technical issue sees him unable to fly and all the news from the Round of 8... 

Heat 8
Muroya vs Chambliss
Muroya looked like he wasn't pushing hard, but he still set a very competitive time of 59.578s. However as Chambliss was getting ready to taxi and take off he seemed to have a rough running engine and was unable to fly. It was determined that he had an issue with a magneto, meaning he chose to not start for safety reasons. Chambliss received a DNS and Muroya was through to the Final 4.

Heat 9
Kopfstein vs Sonka
Petr Kopfstein put in a smooth run and crossed the Finish Gate in 59.904s for Sonka to beat. It was a tough time to beat, but Sonka has been in fine form this season and he was ahead at every split time. And when he stopped the clock he was 0.557s faster.

Heat 10
Brageot vs McLeod
Mika Brageot learned from his Round of 14 flight, where he flew smoothly and calmly and knocked close to 1.5s off his time and posted a 59.636s for McLeod to beat. McLeod was flying so well and quicker than Brageot. But at the end of the first lap he turned out of the gate too early and collected a penalty for incorrect level. So after McLeod beat Brageot in the Round of 14, the tables turned in the Round of 8. 

Heat 11
Ivanoff vs Hall
Nicolas Ivanoff was a second quicker than the time he set in the earlier round and he stopped the clock at 1:00.520 – which was a time that if Hall collected a penalty would've seen the Frenchman through. Hall was in perfect form and set the fastest time of the day with a 58.394s. More than two seconds faster than Ivanoff.

Wiener Neustadt 2018 Master Class Round of 8 results