Reactions: Master Class Training in Budapest

The pilots love Budapest here’s what they thought of Training

Bonhomme contemplating tomorrow's racing

With one session left before Qualifying the pilots give their opinions on the Budapest track:

Matt Hall
"I'm just really starting to feel at home in the raceplane finally, and the team is working really well. I'm going out there with a very clear picture in my mind of what I've got to do. And I'm feeling relaxed in the track, so that's good. I'm pretty happy with the time, but I can probably get faster. We've still got a few things up our sleeve, actually – we've still got some things to put together for our perfect run."

Paul Bonhomme
"It's very fast, and you have to be careful of the G at each end, but it's a very straightforward track to actually fly. I like Budapest, but I think it's going to be very different this year because the track has been simplified, which means all the times are going to be much closer. I think that's a disadvantage for us because we quite like difficult tracks rather than tracks you just sort of fly through. So the times are going to be very close here, and as we saw in Rovinj, with one small twitch of a muscle at the wrong moment, you can over G or even under G and lose time."

Yoshihide Muroya
"Flying under the bridge is really nice. My engine is ok in the heat, but I'm not pushing it too hard at the moment. Gate Five will be the most difficult because there is a big risk of over-G. I feel Gate Nine will be the simplest of the vertical turns, because you have to go upwards, you can't fly it any other way."

Nigel Lamb
"I'm pleased with my time. When I first looked at the track on paper, it didn't look interesting to me. But after we'd done our analysis it looked better. The top and bottom vertical turns are where it's going to be won or lost. You can fly what you think is the perfect turn and find youself a second down."

Kirby Chambliss
"We still need to find another second, which we're trying to do. You've got to fly clean and you've got to fly on the edge. The temptation is to turn to early, but that's when you pick up penalties."

Martin Sonka
"The bridge is beautiful and makes it such a special and interesting race. The track will change depending on the wind. There was a crosswind today, which caused my pylon hit – a few of the others had hits as well. It seems very obvious what is the best trajectory. This race will be about the raceplane and how clean you can fly."

Pete McLeod
"It's a fun track, but they're all fun. As it's a simple track there's not a lot of room to make up time. I'm struggling with time. I'm losing a 0.1 of a second at each gate, but we've got some things to work on. We want to get a bit more out of the engine."

Peter Besenyei
"The track was bumpy out there today, I felt sorry for the guys that have never flown under the bridge before. The track is ok. I didn't fly at full potential, I'm still learning the raceplane, so I kept it at a low RPM. I'm taking it step-by-step."

Michael Goulian
"The track is great. You can really feel the speed of the track. As the track is straight forward the pilots will fly to the edge of the aircraft's capability – it will be a really close race and a small mistake will cost you."

Nicolas Ivanoff
"The first session was bumpy and there was a crosswind but my time was ok. I then prepared myself for that in the second session, but the wind had dropped and it was less bumpy. I changed my trajectory on the second run and my times were terrible. But I felt like I was going really fast. I was getting the opposite feeling."

Juan Velarde
"Flying under the bridge was easier than I expected. That was due to the training we had yesterday where we simulated the bridge at the airport and flew under it about ten times. My times aren't so bad. I'm closing the gap between the other pilots, it's less than what it was when we were in Rovinj."

Matthias Dolderer
"Every track is a challenge. My first run was better, I thought I had the right line so I tried something different in the second Training session and it didn't work."

François Le Vot
"I'm happy with both sessions. I'm more comfortable in the racetrack and I'm starting to show improvement. I'm still losing time in the long turns. I look at the spilt times and in each vertical turn I'm losing between 0.5 and one second. Here with three vertical turns that's three seconds and I still don't know if it's the aircraft or me. But I'm flying smooth, I'm calmer, less aggressive and I can concentrate more on my piloting rather than worrying about the aircraft.

Hannes Arch
"I was behind the game today, but I feel good. I know what I did wrong, I've got my pieces together and I'm not worried. I made all the mistakes today so I now know what I need to do tomorrow."