Abu Dhabi 2018 reactions: Challenger Class Qualifying

The pilots look over today’s flying

Ryfa was quickest in Qualifying

Training done, Free Practice complete and now Qualifying is over the pilots let us know what they think about their achievements in the track so far and how they're preparing for the first race of 2018...

Florian Bergér
"I'm feeling quite good. In the Free Practice I had the best net time but with a penalty. In Qualifying I had a flight without penalties and it's close between the top three. But everything is possible tomorrow. If you pick up a penalty, it's the end. I feel comfortable in the plane and I'm going to try and defend my title."

Kevin Coleman
"Free Practice worked out pretty good, Qualifying not so much. Made a little mistake in the VTM and made a little mistake at Gate 7 both times. I know where it is, I know how to fix it so it'll be better tomorrow. I don't know if we're going to win, but we should do pretty good."

Dario Costa
"I did some best times in some sectors of the track. I think I changed my fuel leaning a little bit and went a little faster, but I'm still not fully satisified. But I'm just trying to fly consistently at this point, not fast. If I go faster than the others it's just luck at this point. I'm just trying to learn the plane, tactics, the lines and trying to absorb as much as possible. I'm not really looking at the ranking. When I'm in the track I'm the happiest man on Earth."

Luke Czepiela
"It was good today, I was second. I was quite happy with my time and my lines. I'm still a little bit rough on the controls as it's the beginning of the season. I'm only 0.3 seconds behind Daniel [Ryfa], so if I fly more relaxed and smooth things out I will catch him."

Patrick Davidson
"I had a pretty ropey flight to be honest, I didn't feel settled in the track, but I suppose there's a lot of nerves. I have got my first Quali behind me and I get to fly first tomorrow, so hopefully the conditions will be in my favour. I hope to give a good time that the other guys will have to aim for."

Daniel Genevey
"Qualifying wasn't too bad. I didn't make any mistakes, I flew the exact line I wanted to fly except for Gate 6 and 7, I was too wide so I will try and correct this for tomorrow. But I think today was my second best time of the week, so it's OK, I'm not disappointed."

Daniel Ryfa
"I was comfortable today and I think I have everything more or less set up for the track. From the pilot's perspective I have the small individual parts worked out, especially considering the VTM and the set up for Gates 6, 7, 8. I'm still trying to increase the G in the VTM because I'm not pulling too hard, I think I could go a little bit faster, but then I will increase the risk of getting a penalty, this is the problem and this is what I'm working towards, I'm feeling really good otherwise and feeling good for tomorrow, so I will continue in the same direction and fly the same line."

The Challengers will race tomorrow at 12:20 local time, you can follow all the action right HERE.