Budapest 2017 reactions: Challenger Class Free Practice 1

Conditions prove tough for the Challengers

What a start we've had for race week in Budapest, with the conditions proving to be tough. Here's what the Challenger Class pilots thought of today's flying:

Florian Bergér
"I was the first to fly this morning, I think the wind picked up a little bit more in the flights after me. It was quite OK. Still bumpy, but OK for me. I tried out some different lines and to get used to flying through a racetrack again – my last race was San Diego in April, so several months ago, but I had a lot of fun and it worked out. I had the fastest net time, I think, so I'm quite happy. But the second training is cancelled for today, so I'm not so happy. I love this race. In the middle of the city, on the Danube – it's great. Last year unfortunately it was cancelled for the Challenger Class due to the weather. The year before I loved it, but it was not possible to jump onto the podium. So I hope it will be possible this time."

Daniel Ryfa
"The wind will be a major issue, but it's the same for everyone. There's a lot of buildings, it's narrow and with the turbulence it can be quite distracting. The track is so tight that you have to fly it correctly. If you make a mistake, that mistake will follow you around for the rest of your run. I've had a lot of penalties, but if I work on them and eliminate them, I could win here – why not?"

Luke Czepiela
"The track is really cool, but the wind is making it difficult. Due to the wind I had to make a lot of changes to my lines at the last minute, which resulted in lots of penalties. I will have to sort that out in my next flights."

Daniel Genevey
"It's very impressive and I'm so happy to be flying at my home race. It was really bumpy out there, there were tail winds, cross winds and a lot of turbulence. I was not happy with my flying and it's a shame that FP2 was cancelled this afternoon."

Baptiste Vignes
"It's interesting the first time in the track over this amazing city. The track is fast and you feel so close to everything. I need to think about my lines and I need to be clean and smooth. Maybe I can go faster later."

Kenny Chiang
"Flying in Budapest for the first time was great. I feel that my aircraft is low on performance. I was off my lines by quite a lot, but I've looked at the telemetry and I know where I went wrong and where I can improve. It's a shame that FP2 has been cancelled because I could've learned a lot in that session."

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