Budapest 2018: Challenger Class Qualifying reactions

The thoughts from the pilots

Bergér happy after Qualifying

The last session before Race Day was a close run battle for the Challengers. Here's what they thought of day two...

Florian Bergér

"This is very cool, but tomorrow is the race, and I hope I can do the same then. It is nice to fly in the middle of the city, over the Danube and in front of the Parliament building with lots of people watching – it's a geat feeling. It's tempting to fly below the bridge, but it's only for Master Class pilots. There was a long break between the two races I've had this year. As Abu Dhabi was the last one, I have to get the feeling of the racetrack again and flying the plane, but I think I am on a good path and I hope I can keep it like that."

Baptiste Vignes

"It was a good day. It was very bumpy again today so we had to manage that and the wind seems to be the same but a bit more from the west so I had to think about the flying. I'm very happy because I didn't collect any penalties and I was smooth. I will think about the time and tomorrow is another day so we will see."

Luke Czepiela

"Last year Flo and I were first and second in the race. Now it's the same in Qualifying, and I hope I can jump ahead, but second in Qualifying is feeling good. I finally feel the aircraft how I want to, and I'm hoping for the best in the race tomorrow. I'm always a bit of a slow starter at race stops and I had bad times in Free Practice, but this is how I did it last season – not so good in Free Practice but then pretty well in Qualifying and the race. Everything came together and I'm hoping for a really good result tomorrow. I fly for a Hungarian airline, but then I look at the city from much higher. To fly ten metres over the city is amazing!"

Melanie Astles

"The track was difficult because it's bumpy making it hard to manage the Gs. This morning I flew a slow track to get some feeling and then I over-G'd and then on the third flight I was close to 10G – I was fast, but close to the limit. And in Qualifying I played it safe and flew a clean flight, which was my aim. My time wasn't the fastest, but tomorrow is the important day. Tomorrow I fly fourth. Seeing the other guys fly first can be an advantage, but sometimes it might not be if the wind picks up. I'm hoping luck will be on my side tomorrow unlike in Cannes where I had a small over-G, but we will see. If I fly my best I will be happy."

Daniel Genevey

"It's very impressive to fly here and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I've got a lot of fans that have been really supportive here and I'd like to thank them. Tomorrow I will fly the same lines as I did in Qualifying and hope I don't make the same mistakes."

Kenny Chiang
The conditions felt similar to yesterday, but I'm not happy with how I flew. I tried something different but it's the risker approach. I tried to fly the high-G turn low, as it's more comfortable, but it's not working. I'm comfortable in the plane so we'll see what happens tomorrow."

The Challenger Cup race begins at 11:00 local time, 09:00UTC – follow all the action live, right HERE!