Budapest 2018: Challenger Cup reactions

The Challengers reflect on an amazing race

Czepiela rocked Budapest

Records were broken and we have another Challenger winner in 2018. That's three winners in three races. Today we also see another Challenger claim his first career podium, here's how the pilots thought their days went...

1st Luke Czepiela

"It was a disappointing start of the week, as it always is. But I don't do well in Free Practice where there's not a lot of pressure; maybe I'm too relaxed. I was making a lot of mistakes, but as soon as the pressure increases I was getting better. I was second in Quali and then winning, I'm very happy with how it went – it's much better to happen this way around. The flight felt almost perfect, maybe one or two turns that were a little bit crude but 1:01 for the Challenger Class is a stunning result and not far from some of the Master Class pilots' times, so I'm super happy with it. I think I've put a lot of pressure on him [Florian Bergér], he's an excellent pilot, but having the advantage of 1.4s over him will make his confidence not so high and then I can put more pressure on him in the next races."

2nd Florian Bergér

"It was a nice week flying these machines in a beautiful racetrack in the middle of the city. I liked my flying today, but today I only had 8.9G in the VTM and I should've pulled a little bit more. I talked to Luke and he had 9.9G, so one more G and I think that made the difference in the end. But I'm happy to be second."

3rd Daniel Genevey

"I'm so happy to do this at home, it's really what I wanted to do. I didn't want to make any mistakes and I've improved step by step in every flight. I now just want to keep doing the same and fly faster."

4th Melanie Astles

"I feel very disappointed because I stalled a lot in the VTM and it's the first time it happened to me this week, which is a bit strange. But well done to Luke – he was really, really fast so it was a good job for him and Flo. I'm also happy for Daniel because it's his first podium and I know how hard it is to get one. I'll be racing in Kazan. I will check the points but I think, for me, the championship is finished. Anyway I will try as hard as possible to win."

5th Baptiste Vignes

"I think I made a very good flight and I was happy about this. No mistake and I didn't get any penalties all week so I'm very happy, which was my goal. I have to offer big congratulations to Luke, his run was beautiful and he showed that Flo can be beaten, which is good news for the Challengers. I'm happy for Daniel to be on the podium as well."

6th Kenny Chiang
"I really like the new plane and I'm very comfortable in it. Strategically today didn't work out, but we'll learn from it for the rest of the season. I'll be racing in the next three races, so I will hopefully be able to build up some consistency and turn the season around."