Can anyone stop Bergér making his hat-trick?

Who has the best chance of stopping the Challenger leader in the hunt for the title?

Florian Bergér is leading a march towards becoming the Challenger Cup Champion for the third season in a row. Despite only racing three times this year, the German pilot is sitting top of the standings two points clear, with only one race to go. Bergér is looking to make history, but there are five other pilots in the hunt to take the title from the defending Challenger Champion.

Next in the standings is Hong Kong's Kenny Chiang. Chiang is currently on 26 points, and after winning the Wiener Neustadt double-header, he looked to be in fine form. But due to illness in Indianapolis Chiang was unable to race – a missed opportunity that may well upset his consistency ahead of the finale in Texas.

The only person that has been able to beat Bergér on the track this year has been Luke Czepiela. Bergér and Czepiela last faced off in Budapest, where the Polish pilot came out on top, beating Bergér by more than 1.4s. After his win in Budapest, Czepiela said: "I've put a lot of pressure on him [Florian Bergér], he's an excellent pilot, but having the advantage of 1.4s over him will make his confidence not so high and then I can put more pressure on him."

Both Kevin Coleman and Baptiste Vignes are four points behind Bergér, with 24 points apiece. With the points margins in the standings so tight ahead of the last race of the season, to take the title both Coleman and Vignes need to win – and for Bergér to finish fourth or below as well as Chiang and Czepiela finishing third or below. If Coleman or Vignes finish second, they can still be the champ, but it would need those three to finish even lower. Although these two Challengers' chances of becoming Champion rely on a specific outcome, they both have a strong chance of finishing on the overall podium.

If Coleman doesn't win, he has indicated that he can accept losing to Bergér as the American pilot holds his German counterpart in high regard. After Coleman narrowly lost to Bergér in Indianapolis, the American said: "If I'm going to get second I want it to be to Flo, he's the best in the Challenger Class and probably the best there ever will be, so if I have to finish second to him, I'll take it."

Daniel Ryfa, who has been battling Bergér since 2015, takes the last spot in the Challenger lineup for the final in Fort Worth. He is currently 8 points behind and although is unlikely to win the Challenger Cup overall, he is capable of preventing Bergér from winning his third title.

Whatever happens, it's going to be one of the most exciting finales to a season in the history of the Challenger Cup. And you can be there. Tickets are still available for the race, taking place in Fort Worth on 17-18 November. Get yours HERE.