Cannes 2018: Challenger Cup reactions

Pilots keep cool heads in blazing French final

Ryfa was cool under pressure

The temperature today was nowhere near as hot as the racing. Here's what the Challenger Class pilots thought of today's race...

1st Daniel Ryfa
"Oh man, it was very hard. There was a technical issue and I had to change to an aeroplane I had never flown before, and there is a lot of stress in this, of course. They are quite similar, but there are these small things that you need to be able to fly to the optimum. So it was a very tricky task. There's such a short time to refocus and get calm, and then you have to decide whether you want to play it safe and collect the points or if you want to win. I decided I needed to win, and it worked out. So I'm very relieved now, but it was difficult and a lot of pressure."

2nd Baptiste Vignes
"I'm very happy about my flying, I didn't try something new, but the plane was fine and I am happy. We are all together pilots and friends – it's a competition, but it's good to offer advice to the other pilots and it's nice to receive advice. It maybe should be a rule."

3rd Dario Costa
"I'm a bit disappointed because I turned too early and I was probably ahead of the plane. I wanted to go as fast as possible and I felt quite relaxed. Next time I will wait. I'm fully satisfied and to be on the podium in my second race is a dream. I'm very proud and I saw a lot of Italian flags on the beach so I hope they appreciate the podium."

4th Melanie Astles
"All week I've been able to perform well and I tried to go a bit faster and 10.1G is unlucky. It's impossible to tell the difference between 9.9G and 10.1G. It's a new raceplane for me and I'm learning. Luck has not been on my side. I need to learn a bit more, but I'm happy. The track was completely different today and I made mistakes, but I don't mind making mistakes it's how you improve. I just pushed it a little bit, but it's how you win."

5th Patrick Davidson
"You make your own luck, there is no one else I can blame. I didn't think the wind was that bad, but it played its part in me hitting the pylon. I'm annoyed as it's the first penalty I've had all weekend. It happens. I guess I might as well get them out of the way so I can get a free pass at the next race."

6th Daniel Genevey
"It was a tough day. I started good and felt well in the plane. After the chicane I hit the pylon at Gate 4 and then I started to become distracted by something and then things went wrong and I couldn't get it back. There was also a technical issue with the plane, but that's what can occur with mechanical sports, anything can happen."