Cannes 2018: Round of 14 preview

How they line up for France’s first Air Race

Hall will go up against Murphy

After such an intense Qualifying session yesterday, anyone could win in Cannes. First, they have to progress through the Round of 14. Here's how they line up...

Heat 1
Cristian Bolton vs Mika Brageot
For the second time this season these two go against each other in the Round of 14. In fact, this will be the third time these two have met. The score is currently one win apiece, but Brageot has been setting the faster times in the sessions so far. However, Bolton has been shaving seconds off his time in almost every run, this will be a great start to Race Day.

Heat 2
Nicolas Ivanoff vs Matthias Dolderer
Every day so far in Cannes has brought a new problem to Team Hamilton and Nicolas Ivanoff; they have been up against it since they arrived in the south of France. But you can never tell with the Frenchman. Dolderer on the other hand seems to have found his consistency again, something that has been lacking recently. The German pilot put in a fantastic Qualifying run and has been buoyed by that. He'll be expecting to go through to the Round of 8.

Heat 3
Pete McLeod vs Yoshihide Muroya
McLeod is another pilot who has been pleased with his times so far but knows he needs to hit his lines perfectly in the Round of 14. He likes the track and feels his raceplane has a good setup, so he'll be excited to get out there today. Muroya has been smooth and accurate through this entire race week. He has found himself near the top of the leaderboard and is carrying over his championship winning form from 2017, so this heat will be interesting to say the least.

Heat 4
François Le Vot vs Matt Hall
Le Vot looked to have found his rhythm in the racetrack, but a DQ in his second Qualifying run for crossing the safety line might have knocked his confidence. Hall seems back to his best and is thrilled that his raceplane is flying exactly how he wants it. He held the track record momentarily yesterday and knows he can push that little bit harder if he needs to.

Heat 5
Petr Kopfstein vs Juan Velarde
Kopfstein has been sitting mid-table in all the sessions so far and improving with every run. He was pleased with his time in Qualifying and will want to improve on it. Velarde topped two of the three Free Practice sessions and was strong in Qualifying. He was surprised that other pilots were faster, but he needs to forget about that and focus on the task at hand if he wants to progress to the Round of 8.

Heat 6
Martin Sonka vs Kirby Chambliss
Sonka was faster than Chambliss in every Free Practice session, but he exceeded the G-limit in Qualifying and was given a DQ, so he will have that to contend with when he goes up against Chambliss. The American pulled it out of the bag in Qualifying and set the third best time of race week. If he can do that again today he'll find himself in the Round of 8. This is the heat you don't want to miss!

Heat 7
Ben Murphy vs Michael Goulian
Murphy had a technical issue in Qualifying, which drew his attention away from the track. Then in an attempt to get his run back on track he exceeded the G-limit and was disqualified, which put him bottom of the standings and facing the fastest from Qualifying. In Goulian's two runs he broke the track record twice, shaving 0.001s off his own time in the second run. After his win in Abu Dhabi, and then yesterday's performance, it seems as if there is nothing the American can't do!

The Round of 14 kicks off at 14:00 CET, don't miss a moment of the heart-pounding action. Follow it live, HERE!

Cannes 2018 Round of 14 startlist