Cannes 2018: Round of 8 preview

Eight pilots fight it out for a chance at the podium

France's one remaining hope

Six pilots have already finished their racing for the day, which leaves eight pilots hungry for a berth in the Final 4. Here's how they line up against each other...

Heat 8
Matt Hall vs Pete McLeod
Hall will have the unenviable task of flying first in the Round of 8, but the Australian pilot is in fine form and he always knows exactly what he can get out his raceplane. He'll be looking for that first Final 4 of his 2018 campaign. But Hall won't have it all his own way, Pete McLeod, who is sitting at the bottom of the standings, will be going all out for that chance at a run at the podium. Their times in the Round of 14 were only 2/10ths apart, so it's going to be a tight one.

Heat 9
Mika Brageot vs Yoshihide Muroya
Half a second separated these two in the Round of 14 with Yoshihide Muroya claiming the faster time. However, Brageot has been calm and collected all weekend and the pilot, only in his second Master Class season, is desperate to get into the Final 4 for the first time in his career. He is also the home fans' only remaining hope of a Frenchman winning the first race in France.

Heat 10
Juan Velarde vs Matthias Dolderer
Velarde has had the better of Dolderer for most of race week, but in the Round of 14 Dolderer was the quicker pilot. Both the German and the Spaniard have the ability to fly fast and set the quickest times of the day, but they also, on occasion, push too hard and fall foul of penalties. This one could go either way.

Heat 11
Martin Sonka vs Michael Goulian
Sonka took it easy in the Round of 14 and was fortunate that his rival picked up a penalty. He won't make that mistake again as he's up against Michael Goulian, who right now, seems unstoppable. This heat will be the matchup of the round.

The Round of 8 begins at 16:00 CET – catch it all HERE.

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