Challengers raising their game

It’s getting tight in the Challenger Class

It's close in the Challengers

This year's Challenger Cup competition is the closest it's been since the competition began in 2014. The current crop of pilots are all fighting to be the champion, but it's tougher than ever.

The Challenger Cup is the breeding ground for competitors to become Master Class pilots, and every Challenger would not look out of place in the elite competition.

Florian Bergér is the current man to beat in the competition. He is the current champion and leading the standings. However, he won't be racing in the next two races, giving his rivals the chance to catch up. And this year even the newest pilots have surprised the more experienced competitors.

At the most recent race, Bergér didn't have everything his own way and due to the level of competition had to fight hard for the win. "Budapest was a very exciting race week," said Bergér who knew the pressure was on. "For me the training didn't go well and I was really disappointed after Qualifying," he added.

The usually confident Bergér was having seeds of doubt and it couldn't have helped when he saw how well the other Challengers were flying. "Even on the morning of Race Day I wasn't sure if I should go vertical or turn flat at the north end of the track. I only decided shortly before the race, and it worked out for the best," said a relieved Bergér.

Genvey congratulates Bergér on his win!             ©Balazs Gardi/RBAR

But what shocked the German most of all was how well all his rivals flew in what was for some, only their second race. Daniel Genevey was fastest in Qualifying and Kenny Chiang was second. This put the pressure on Bergér. "I was quite surprised when I saw the times of Kenny Chiang and Daniel Genevey. They pushed really hard and flew well. Before the race I thought my main competitors were Daniel Ryfa and Luke Czepiela, but I was surprised and it made it a really tough race," concluded Bergér.

The Challengers will be fighting it out in Kazan on the 22-23 July, get your tickets HERE!