Czech strongest in the Kazan Round of 8

Sonka in the Round of 8

The Round of 8 in Kazan 2018 will be one to remember. Sonka was quickest in his heat. The current championship leader hit a pylon, the current World Champion was disqualified. Here's what happened heat by heat...

Heat 8 
Muroya vs Chambliss
Yoshihide Muroya set a blistering time of 51.643s. He was on the edge and close to being penalised for an incorrect level, but was just within the 10-degree limit. This put all the pressure onto Kirby Chambliss. Chambliss flew cleanly but was behind Muroya from the first split time and couldn't catch up.

Muroya then received a Disqualification (DQ) during the Round of 8. Rule states that the RPM of the engine should not exceed 2950RPM. Yoshi Muroya exceeded this limit. He was disqualified from the flying session and will finish in 8th place, receiving 3 World Championship points. Kirby Chambliss progressed to the Final 4.

Heat 9
Le Vot vs Goulian
François Le Vot flew within 0.2s of his Round of 14 time showing that he is flying consistency. His time of 53.140s was beatable by Goulian – he just had to fly cleanly in his run. Goulian flew perfectly and was on rails in the track setting a time that was 0.878s quicker, although one of his gate passes was under review, he was cleared. He'll have to be careful in the Final 4.

Heat 10
Velarde vs Hall
Juan Velarde has stayed calm throughout Race Day. He got through as the Fastest Loser but flew beautifully in his Round of 8 heat and set a competitive time of 52.447s for Hall to beat. Hall was green in all his split times and was almost half a second ahead until Gate 12, when he clipped the pylon and added three seconds to his time, which ended his Kazan race.

Heat 11
Murphy vs Sonka
Ben Murphy looked exceptionally smooth in his run and it paid off with a time of 52.809s. Martin Sonka knew he had to pull out all the stops to knock Murphy out of the race. There was no sign of nerves from the Czech pilot and he was half a second ahead by the end of the first lap. By the end of the run he was 0.800s ahead and set the fastest time of the day again.

Kazan 2018 Round of 8 results