Emotional win for Lamb

Top spot on the podium worth the wait for Brit

Emotional return for Lamb

After competing in 44 races and landing a total of six previous podiums, Lamb finally took the win he'd been waiting for ahead of Austria's Hannes Arch and Matt Hall from Australia.

"I'm too thrilled for words," said an elated Lamb, as he returned to the Race Airport earlier to share in team celebrations.

"I have to say I was really taken by surprise and I didn't think I would get that emotional," he continued after a few moments back on the ground. "I took some risks. I had a good strategy for today and I believe in myself and my team."

The performance will also be a boost for longstanding team technician Nigel 'Hux' Huxtable who has been instrumental in the extensive aerodynamic modification programme the MXS-R race plane has undergone.

Lamb beat Hannes Arch, who flew a 1:15.597, in a supercharged run that demonstrated the potential of his plane in a fast racetrack. Arch, however, retains his lead at the top of the overall Championship standings with 30 points – now five points clear of Paul Bonhomme on 25, who failed to make the Final 4 in Putrajaya after his Edge 540 V2 struggled to produce the power he needed to be in with a shot at the podium.

Lamb, who has made it to the second step of the podium five times so far in his race career, was understandably delighted to finally claim a win. It was a great boost for the pilot who had to settle for a third place overall in the 2010 World Championship. He now sits in third place overall jointly on 17 points with Canada's McLeod.

"Flying around Malaysia is amazing," Lamb added. "The people are wonderful and the food is great. I knew it was going to be great here."