Epic paint schemes of the Air Race

How to make your raceplane stand out

Podlunsek's Edge stands out

The pilots of the Red Bull Air Race can all be identified by their raceplanes. As with any motorsport, the unique paint scheme is there to show the team and stand out from all of the others.

Two raceplanes that have a certain style unrivalled by the others is Petr Kopfstein's Projekt Spielberg design and Peter Podlunsek's scheme. Both pilots arrived in Abu Dhabi in 2016 and their raceplanes made people stand up and take notice instantly.

Peter Podlunsek turned to expert Aldo Drudi to design his paint scheme. Drudi is a world renowned designer in the world of motorsport and is most famous for designing the crash helmets of seven-time MotoGP Championship winner Valentino Rossi. "It was a great opportunity for bringing some colour in the air, an element, unfamiliar to me," said Drudi. "To do this for the Red Bull Air Race and Peter's team was incredible. It felt fantastic to see 'my aeroplane' fly through the pylons for the first time," he added.

Kopfstein's raceplane went through a similar process, and his raceplane had to be stripped back and repainted to meticulous detail so it worked with the styling of the Red Bull Ring and Projekt Spielberg.

Kopfstein's paint scheme

Drudi has a love for all things motorsports and his decision to design Podlunsek's raceplane came from the similarities he saw between the Red Bull Air Race and MotoGP. "It was a great experience because motorcycling and the Red Bull Air Race have much in common; adrenaline, preparation, concentration. Both are 'pure' sports, that's why I like them both. You have to be hard working and professional in both sports," Drudi said.

Podlunsek was also delighted to work with such a legend, and knows there's even better to come. "Aldo's first design is great although he has promised to improve it even more for next year, this will be a tough task as it already looks so good," said Podlunsek.

Peter Podlunsek and Aldo Drudi