Goulian sitting pretty after Round of 14

American pilot quickest again in the first racing session

Goulian fastest in Cannes

Michael Goulian once again topped the timesheet to show his rivals that he's not just a one hit wonder as he heads into the Round of 8. Matthias Dolderer was second quickest and Pete McLeod made it through as the Fastest Loser. Here's how the heats played out...

Heat 1
Bolton vs Brageot
Cristian Bolton was looking good in the track, but when he picked up a penalty for incorrect level flying at Gate 9 it gave him a time of 1:01.306 and handed the result to Mika Brageot. Brageot just had to fly clean and smooth. He had it under control right from the start and beat Bolton by 2.718s.

Heat 2
Ivanoff vs Dolderer
Nicolas Ivanoff hadn't had the best race week and it culminated in a two second penalty at Gate 4, leaving him a lot of work to do to be competitive against the 2016 World Champion. Dolderer flew beautifully and took the chicane perfectly in the first lap, but he then had a slightly soft pullup in the VTM as he didn't want a repeat of the over-G. But he was fine and was more than three seconds faster than Ivanoff.

Heat 3
McLeod vs Muroya
Pete McLeod was desperate to pick up points after not collecting any in Abu Dhabi. His time of 58.212s looked competitive, but he was up against Yoshihide Muroya for the second time this season. Muroya was behind at the first split time, but was able to claw it back to beat McLeod, putting him into the Round of 8.

Heat 4
Le Vot vs Hall
François Le Vot flew cleanly and smoothly and posted a time of 59.655s, a quite competitive time, but he was up against Matt Hall, who has been back to his best here in Cannes. Hall crossed the Finish Gate 1.234s faster than the Frenchman and ended Le Vot's day of racing.

Heat 5
Kopfstein vs Velarde
Petr Kopfstein had been behind Velarde's time all week, but the Czech pilot is one of the smoothest competitors in the track. He set a time of 59.013s and had to wait to see what Velarde could do. Velarde had topped the timesheet twice before today's racing and looked good. At the first split he was 0.091s faster, but by the second split he was 0.006s behind. But he performed the perfect VTM at the final lap and beat Kopfstein by 0.388s.

Heat 6
Sonka vs Chambliss
After receiving a DQ for exceeding the G-limit in yesterday's Qualifying, the 2017 World Championship runner up flew a bit conservatively and set a time of 58.982s giving an achievable target to Kirby Chambliss. However in his determination to set a good time, Chambliss flew too high at Gate 4 and collected a two second penalty. He was never going to be able to claim those two seconds back, which ended his race and put Sonka through to the Round of 8.

Heat 7
Murphy vs Goulian
Ben Murphy went out there today in an attempt to erase his mistakes from yesterday and he did exactly that by setting a time of 59.042s... but he was up against the pilot with the track record. Goulian was behind at the first split time, but he was 0.311s ahead by the second and was gaining speed. As he crossed the finish line his flight was under review, but he was cleared and beat Murphy by 1.167s.

The Round of 8 starts at 16:00 CET, don't miss a moment of the adrenaline-pumping action. Follow it live, HERE!

Cannes 2018 Round of 14 results