Goulian storms Qualifying in tense battle

The American sees off all competition before Race Day

Goulian in Qualifying

The Qualifying session in Cannes was one of the closest in the sport's 13-season history. The top 12 pilots all finished their runs within two seconds of each other!

Michael Goulian came out on top finishing with a time of 57.073s and the track record. Fellow American, Kirby Chambliss, was second on the timesheet and looked to be unstoppable until Goulian flew. Chambliss finished 0.116s behind his compatriot.

Matt Hall was third, with Matthias Dolderer fourth, and closely behind him were Mika Brageot and Yoshihide Muroya – all six finishing within 4/10ths of a second of each other.

As each pilot went out into the track they flew faster and faster, making for one of the most tense Qualifying sessions ever.

Martin Sonka and Ben Murphy will be disappointed with their performances. Both pilots were disqualified for exceeding the G-limit, so found themselves bottom of the leaderboard. François Le Vot, put in a 59.073s first run but crossed the safety line as he tried to improve it and was given a DQ as well, meaning he finished 12th in Qualifying.

Juan Velarde was seventh with a 57.688s – which at the time of flying was the track record. Petr Kopfstein was eighth, and Pete McLeod was ninth, with Cristian Bolton 10th and Nicolas Ivanoff 11th.

With the timesheet so compacted it will make for dramatic spectacle tomorrow.
You can watch all the action right HERE!

Cannes 2018 Master Class Qualifying results