Hall quickest and McLeod out in Round of 14

A fantastic start to the season finale

Hall looks set to win

Matt Hall set the fastest time of the day so far knocking out Cristian Bolton. Pete McLeod also clipped a pylon, which ended his chance of taking the title. Martin Sonka clipped a pylon but managed to fight his way through as the Fastest Loser. Here's how the Round of 14 played out...

Heat 1
Brageot v McLeod
Brageot set a phenomenal time as he was first to go and test the conditions. The French pilot set a time of 1:06.752. McLeod has a reputation for being able to handle testing conditions. He was behind at the first split time but it was green all the way for the rest of the run and it looked like the Canadian was through, but at the Final Gate he clipped the pylon and that ended any hope he had of being World Champion in 2017.

Heat 2
Muroya v Sonka
It was first v second in Heat two and with Pete McLeod already out, these two would want to fly into the Round of 8. Muroya was first in the heat and collected a penalty at Gate 4 adding two seconds to his time and giving him a 1:06.134 for Sonka to beat. Sonka was looking certain to go through but he clipped a pylon at Gate 16 and had to settle for second place in his heat but somehow managed to claim the Fastest Loser spot against the odds.

Heat 3
Podlunsek v Dolderer
It was Podlunsek's last race in the Red Bull Air Race and he clipped a pylon at the second gate and then picked up two more penalties for incorrect level flying, giving him a final time of 1:14.083. He'll be extremely disappointed with his final run. Dolderer knew that he only needed to fly cleanly through the track and he was through to the Round of 8. But Dolderer didn't take it easy and at the time of his flight he flew the fastest time of the day.

Heat 4
Chambliss v Velarde
Chambliss was flying beautifully. He was conservative on his first lap, but as he became more aggressive in the track he was looking good until Gate 13 when he clipped the pylon and added three seconds to his time, giving him a 1:09.585. Velarde had been quicker than Chambliss all week and was flying clean in his run, looking disciplined. He was clean and flew a 1:05.360 to see him through to the Round of 8.

Heat 5
Goulian v Ivanoff
Goulian flew conservatively in his run and he was just hoping to set a clean time, which he did, but it was 1:07.517 for Ivanoff to beat. Ivanoff wasn't anywhere nearly as conservative and was looking fantastic, but then at Gate 15 it all went wrong. He was given four seconds for incorrect level flying and he also put a pylon down ending his Race Day.

Heat 6
Le Vot v Kopfstein
Le Vot was another pilot that suffered with a pylon hit. He clipped the pylon at Gate 16 and could only cross the Finish Gate with a time of 1:10.870. Kopfstein, who had been flying well all week, only had to fly clean to get into the Round of 8. He flew well within his limits but was still 3.726s ahead of Le Vot and booked his spot in the Round of 8.

Heat 7
Bolton v Hall 
Bolton flew clean, but it was slow and Matt Hall did what Matt Hall does best and flew the perfect run setting the fastest time of the day and getting his spot in the Round of 8.

The Round of 8 begins shortly and you can follow the action HERE.