Indianapolis 2016: Challenger Class Race Day reactions

Czepiela takes his first career win at Indy

Murphy congratulates CzepielaMurphy félicite Czepiela

An epic race happened in the Challenger Class today. Luke Czepiela took the first win of his Red Bull Air Race career and Melanie Astles claimed her first podium. Here's what the Challenger Class pilots thought of the day...

1st Luke Czepiela
"It was euphoric to win here today. It's been a long time coming and I've been waiting. It feels amazing to be able to race here, somewhere that has so much history with motorsport."

2nd Mélanie Astles
"It's a really cool feeling. I decided to fly conservatively today. I wanted to fly clean as I hadn't in any of the previous rounds. I picked up a minimum of four seconds of penalties in each run. So I was a little less aggressive, but made sure I flew correctly. It was slower and I stalled, but it worked out for me."

3rd Ben Murphy
"It's always nice to be on the podium, but I made a silly mistake at Gate 2 and hit a pylon. When you make a mistake so early in a run it plays on your mind for the rest of it. I feel for Kevin today. I did the same thing at Ascot, at my home race. You want to win so badly, you make mistakes. "

4th Kevin Coleman
"Today didn't work out for me. It just wasn't my day. I took a big bite to try and win, but it was too much. I was too aggressive but that's how you have to race. I'm now focusing on Vegas – that's the race I want to win!"