Indianapolis 2016: Master Class Race Day reactions

What a race. What a day. What a season...

Dolderer wins big

Matthias Dolderer put in a perfect day of flying to not only win the first ever race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but also to take his first World Championship title. Here's what all the Master Class pilots thought of the epic racing at the IMS...

1st Matthias Dolderer
"It's an amazing feeling and I haven't had time to realise what's happened. I didn't see Matt's pylon hit but when I heard his time I thought that I could fly easy and still win the World Championship. But you can have more problems if you take it easy, so I went for the fastest time I could. It's amazing, I'm going to go and kiss the yard of bricks because that's what the winners do here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I would like to thank my family, my amazing team and everyone who has supported me."

2nd Nigel Lamb
"I won in 2014 because I was consistent and that's how Matthias has won the World Championship, by being consistent. I'm happy with today, it's always good to be on the podium, but second is the first loser, so I'm a little disappointed because I really wanted to win the first Red Bull Air Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway."

3rd Pete McLeod
"It's been an up and down day today. I flew an unforced error in the Round of 14 and was lucky to get through because of Kirby, I feel for him as I know that pain from Ascot. I was fast in the Round of 8 but made another error in the Final 4 by not having my engine set up correctly. It's cool to be on the podium at the first race to be held here."

4th Matt Hall
"I didn't mean to take the line I took and I knew as soon as I was through the first gate that I wasn't on the correct line. Matthias still beat my net time so even if I hadn't hit the pylon he would've beaten me – he deserves it! I can't be too disappointed as I'm still second in the championship and there are 12 other pilots that would swap places with me. It's fantastic to be here and such an amazing venue, I hope it becomes a staple of the Red Bull Air Race, like Budapest."

5th Yoshihide Muroya
"We posted a good time but we needed to do more to get in the Final 4. Fifth here is a solid finish for us and we're so happy to being racing here at Indianapolis, it's an honour."

6th Nicolas Ivanoff
"Yesterday I made some mistakes in the track but today I was better. I was fast in the Round of 14, but Matthias was faster. I knew I'd put in a good time and was through as the fastest loser. I don't think I had the right line in the Round of 8 and that cost me."

7th Martin Sonka
"It's been great flying in this track and I'm quite happy, the raceplane is working well. I pushed a little too hard, was penalised and that hurts."

8th Juan Velarde
"Right now I am disappointed with my flight, but our evolution of the race week has been good, we've consistently improved. Our gameplan was correct in the Round of 14, but two penalties in the Round of 8 is just not good enough. We will now focus on Las Vegas."

9th Petr Kopfstein
"This was not our favourite track because of the vertical turning manoeuvre. It was hard to fly correctly and be fast so I kept it on the safe side not to be penalised and was a little slow. If we were just counting times we would have had the seventh best time. This place is really wonderful, I was really looking forward to flying at this iconic motor speedway but we weren't lucky here, and hopefully we'll make it up next time."

10th Michael Goulian
"Just being here in Indianapolis and being an American at the Indy speedway is an honour, it really is a 'pinch me' moment. It's been a great week. I thought I flew the perfect line. We set up our engine like in Ascot and the engine was running at three gallons an hour, which was too lean so the airspeed just kept decreasing. I'm a bit frustrated, we're just going to have to look and learn."

11th Peter Podlunsek
"The flight was really good, my net time was fast but I made one really stupid mistake sinking in the gate and the two-second penalty pushed me back. Today was really my chance to make it into the Round of 8 with that really good flight. So let's see what happens in the next race. We are very proud to be here, to race here. A lot of people came to watch us."

12th Francois Le Vot
"I'm happy with my flying. I could have avoided the second penalty I collected. I did my best, but it was always going to be difficult up against Nigel in the Round of 14. I followed my gameplan perfectly and am pleased with my performance."

13th Cristian Bolton
"We are really happy as a team and proud to be here. Before Las Vegas we'll try to work a little bit on the plane, and we are really pushing, but we're just starting out: we're setting up a team, building up a team. Of course we will try to do our best in Vegas."

14th Kirby Chambliss
"To say I'm disappointed would be a massive understatement. The hardest thing to take is that we won't collect any championship points, which is really bad for us."