Indianapolis 2016: Round of 8 preview

Six pilots down, eight to go at the IMS

McLeod through to Round of 8

It's been a spectacular race so far at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and this is how they are lining up for the Round of 8...

Heat 8
Pete McLeod vs Nicolas Ivanoff
Pete will feel lucky to be in the Round of 8, but he has performed well in the track and could go all the way. Ivanoff qualified for this round as the fastest loser. Both pilots have something to prove here.

Heat 9
Juan Velarde vs Nigel Lamb
Both these pilots flew well in their Round of 14 heats and will be full of confidence going into this round. The calmest pilot is the one that will find themselves in the Final 4.

Heat 10
Martin Sonka vs Matt Hall
Sonka has been inconsistent here. He broke the track record on Friday, but has been picking up penalties in other runs. He'll have to fly cleanly if he wants to get passed Hall, who has flown smoothly all week and will want to claim that third win. This will be the heat to watch.

Heat 11
Yoshihide Muroya vs Matthias Dolderer
Muroya has the track record. Dolderer has the momentum. This heat could go to either pilot. If Muroya flies his best, he might put out the man looking to win the title.