Jukebox duties for Sonka and Podlunsek

Race four sees two more pilots share their tunes on Spotify

Playing the tunes

It's time for two more pilots to choose the tracks that put them in the zone for an Air Race. For Budapest, Peter Podlunsek and Martin Sonka have put together their Spotify playlists to prepare themselves for the weekend's racing. Here are their tunes of choice.

Martin Sonka
The Czech pilot has gone all out on a classic rock vibe. He's got all the legends in there from A to Z. That's right he's chosen everything from AC/DC to Zeppelin. This will get Sonka pumped before he races to victory.

Peter Podlunsek
The Slovenian racer is a rock aficionado as well. There's nothing Podlunsek loves more than rocking out before a race, but he's not afraid of some pop with a little Michael Jackson thrown for good measure.