Kazan 2018: Challenger Class Qualifying reactions

The Challengers reflect on an electrifying Qualifying session

Davidson was happy with his first Quali win

Today the Challengers flew their last session before tomorrow's race. Some pilots will be heading back to their hotel rooms in a better mood than others. Here's what they thought of today's flying...

Luke Czepiela

"I was too cautious, the flight was smooth, but it was just OK. I was trying not to get any penalties, and it was slow. Tomorrow I will have to go more full force, as they say. Tomorrow I will definitely be more aggressive."

Dario Costa

"My flight was horrible, I thought I was super fast, I felt very good, but the time is super slow. I don't know what happened. Apart from that the flight was good, but I'm not happy at all. First I have to find out why I was slow and then I will see how I will cope tomorrow."

Melanie Astles

"I'm quite happy about the flight. It was a tough one and I gave everything I have in my flying skills. The others are really good pilots and I was thinking they would make mistakes, but they didn't. I will have to fly perfectly tomorrow if I want to get a podium. Patrick Davidson was a second in front of me, I don't know what he's doing! But second place today is perfect I don't have to work too hard tonight."

Kevin Coleman

"We had a good practice in Free Practice 3. We made some adjustments and got way faster, so that was an improvement from yesterday. In Qualifying we wanted to do the same thing we did in FP3, but it didn't work out quite the way we wanted, and ran a mid-58s which is a little slower. I know where I left it on the table, so hopefully I can erase that for tomorrow and have a good race."

Patrick Davidson

"This afternoon things all came together. The wind dropped off, and I think the conditions are awesome – and it also looks awesome to see all the people down there watching. This is all so new to me, and I think consistency comes from experience, so I just need to be patient. Now I need to do it again tomorrow – it's a pity the race wasn't today, but I can only try my best."

Kenny Chiang

"I felt good in the cockpit in Qualifying, but the time was slow. I'm going to have to go back and look at the data and see where we can improve for tomorrow. I'm just going to treat tomorrow like every other flight. Of course we all know that there is a lot more pressure with Race Day, but I'm going to treat it as normal as I can."

The Challenger Cup begins at 12:00 local time, watch all the action HERE.