Kazan 2018: Challenger Cup reactions

The Challengers have the final word on today’s race

Costa congratulates Coleman

Today's conditions were perfect for a race. The Challengers were first to fly and began the day's action. Here's what they thought of Kazan 2018...

1st Kevin Coleman
"I didn't think my time was going to be good enough for first place today; I thought it would be OK for a podium. It's awesome to win here in Kazan. It's been a year since I've won a race – it's a big relief and I'm happy. We now have a chance of going to Fort Worth."

2nd Patrick Davidson
"I'm actually very satisfied. To show that I can do it is more important. I was cautious, maybe too cautious, because nobody else had got any penalties. And I would rather have got through this race with no penalties than set a spectacular net time, but ruin it with a silly penalty. I think you grow at every race so I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm glad Kevin won, but I'll take second place with the biggest smile in the world on my face."

3rd Kenny Chiang
"There was a lot more I could have done but I'm happy that there were no penalties – a clean, solid run is important. I know there is more in the bank, and I hope to build on that in Austria and Indianapolis. Kazan is beautiful, it's just a joy to be flying here. The water was calm and the wind was negligible, so just a beautiful, beautiful venue."

4th Melanie Astles
"It's not a first place, but in my heart it feels like a first because my flying was beautiful and Jonathan Legard told me that Paul Bonhomme said it was a beautiful flight. Coming from a champion like him it's a big compliment for me. I gave my best, but I don't think I set my engine properly, but that's something to learn for next time."

5th Dario Costa
"The flight was better today, but I got a penalty so I have to live with that, it's all learning and it wasn't my week. I said I don't really like this kind of track, but I'll take the best out of it and carry on, this is part of the sport. I need to be a better pilot for next time."

6th Luke Czepiela
"My time wasn't too bad, but I've not been very lucky with the aircraft here. The engine monitoring isn't working properly and I couldn't lean the aircraft the way I wanted and I was just trying to push the aircraft too hard. This was the perfect example of pushing too hard where I rolled out of the gate too early and picked up the penalty."