Kopfstein through to his first Final 4

Petr Kopfstein showed his strength in the Round of 8

Kopfstein is through

Czech pilot Petr Kopfstein beat Kirby Chambliss in the Round of 8 and opened the door to his first ever run in the Final 4. The home race hero, Yoshihide Muroya goes through after a lucky run in which he picked up a penalty. Here's what happened in the Round of 8...

Heat 8
Muroya vs Hall
Yoshihide Muroya was flying quickly, but he flew through Gate 7 at the wrong level and was given a two second penalty. The home race hero had a final time of 56.964s, leaving Hall to only need to fly cleanly. Unfortunately for Hall he climbed in Gate 11 and collected a two second penalty himself. He was slower than Muroya so it was the end of his race.

Heat 9
Kopfstein vs Chambliss
Petr Kopfstein flew a great time of 55.732, but he didn't look happy with his time. He knew he could've gone faster. But it didn't matter as Chambliss exceeded the maximum G and was told to "knock it off" because he was given a DNF, this leaves Kopfstein to fly in the first Final 4 of his career.

Heat 10
Dolderer vs McLeod
Matthias Dolderer flew a 55.333s in his run. As always it was clean and smooth. This put the pressure on Pete McLeod, he said his secret was to change nothing with his tactics. The wind had picked up and McLeod exceeded the G-limit in Gate 3 and received his DNF, ending his race here in Chiba.

Heat 11
Goulian vs Sonka
Goulian knew he had to fly fast if he was going to beat Martin Sonka, and he did exactly that. He flew a 55.018s – his fastest time of the race week. Sonka has the track record and flew another perfect run, beating Goulian by just 0.118s.

Chiba 2017 Round of 8 results