Lausitz 2017 reactions: Challenger Class Qualifying

The Challengers offer their opinions on today’s Qualifying

Murphy quickest in Qualifying

Today's Qualifying in the Challenger Class will go down in history as the first time all pilots finished within one second of each other. It just goes to show how tight this competition is. Here the pilots offer their thoughts on today's sessions...

Florian Bergér
"Everything was in a rush because I had to change raceplanes at the last moment [due to a technical issue]. My time was OK and I'm pretty happy with it, although I expected better. All the times were very close, and I think overall the track was slower than in our Free Practice session this morning."

Daniel Ryfa
"I was already in the raceplane and quite concentrated when I had to change planes [due to a technical issue], so it wasn't an ideal situation, with no time to really get ready. But once I got in the track I felt good and had no big problems – I just wasn't fast enough. Tomorrow I'm definitely going for it, all in and nothing to lose."

Luke Czepiela
"It's only Qualifying. I flew first and the aircraft was cold, but I had the best net time today, so I'm happy. I just have to be more careful tomorrow and avoid mistakes."

Melanie Astles
"It's close. I flew a clean run and I was flying smoothly as I didn't want to push it, there have been a few over-Gs today. But I set a time that I expected. I now need to decide if I need to push harder tomorrow or fly safe. I will look at my data and decide in the morning."

Ben Murphy
"Given that I over-G'd early in Free Practice 3 this morning, I hadn't really been able to get used to today's track conditions, and I was a bit nervous in Qualifying. But I knew what I had to do, and now I'm feeling more confident for tomorrow."

Daniel Genevey
"Yesterday in Free Practice my line was not perfect, but today I tried a different line and had no mistakes, so I'm happy. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and I'll try to be even smoother."

The Challengers will be looking to claim their place in the season finale in Indianapolis. Find out who the winners and losers will be by following all the action right HERE!