Lausitz 2017 Reactions: Challenger Class Race Day

The Challengers talk after a spectacular race in Germany

The winners celebrate

It was a tense battle for the Challenger Class pilots today. There was the fight to get to the final and nobody wanted to give an inch. Now that the dust has settled, the Challengers discuss how they feel it went...

1st Daniel Ryfa
"It was quite hard this morning as I was not feeling 100 per cent, but I had spent a lot of time doing race analysis and I just tried to focus. I knew I needed to win to have a chance for the season title against Flo, so the pressure was huge, and it was extremely close. I'm happy to win and I am also very happy that we will be standing together on the podium here in first and second."

2nd Florian Bergér
"It was tough for us because we had to change the planes, and we weren't flying the same planes we did in training, but I'm happy with the race. I was very close to finishing first and I'm happy for Daniel as well. I'm also looking forward to the final because it would be great to become the champion again."

3rd Luke Czepiela
"I feel good and bad. On the run in to the track I had a lot of distractions, I had to avoid some birds, which gave me a slow start speed, and that stuck with me for the rest of the flight. I was happy with my flight and flying clean paid off – I'm on the podium. I'm looking forward to the final, its going to be ass-kicking time."

4th Ben Murphy
"The gameplan was to play it safe and just make sure I was going to Indianapolis. There was no other goal today. I didn't want to push to try and catch Daniel and Flo because I didn't want to risk the over-G. It was nice to prove yesterday in Qualifying that I can be up there with them. Today was all about playing safe. The penalty was disappointing but overall, goal achieved."

5th Melanie Astles
"The conditions were perfect today and I flew easy, this was the main problem. I was concerned about over-Gs like yesterday and when I started the chicane I remembered it was where I was pulling a lot of Gs, so I was more conservative and I didn't fly my normal flying. I was expecting to be faster, but when you only pull 7Gs, it's not possible to be quick. I was good in the plane, and next time I hope all the elements will be on my side."

6th Daniel Genevey
"It's been a really tough week for me. I'm really disappointed with the over-G, I really didn't see it, but that's the way it is. I'm happy I made progress and I have to remember that I'm improving and winning isn't out of reach. I've picked up so much confidence in the track, and I'm flying cleaner than at the beginning and that was my goal for the first year in the Challenger Class."