Lausitz 2017: Round of 14 preview

The opening round of race seven is here – this is the lineup

Le Vot will face Muroya

It's time to get down to business. It's Race Day at Lausitz. This is where every point matters as the pilots try to make the most out of their season. First up is the Round of 14, here's how they face off...

Heat 1
Nicolas Ivanoff vs Martin Sonka
This season Ivanoff and Sonka have gone head-to-head three times, Sonka has won two and Ivanoff the other. Both have similar times and although Ivanoff didn't have his best flight in Qualifying, he was strong in FP3. Sonka leads the championship and will want to get through to the Round of 8, but will the pressure get to him?

Heat 2
Mikael Brageot vs Kirby Chambliss
Brageot comes into today off the back of his best result since joining the Master Class – a fifth place in Porto. He has been tipped to stand on the podium at least once this season, could it be here? Chambliss won't let Brageot have things all his own way. He is in the thick of the title race and a win here could see him back on top of the standings.

Heat 3
Juan Velarde vs Matthias Dolderer
After the disappointment of not being able to fly in Porto, Juan Velarde has come out all guns blazing and set some impressive times. If he continues in this form he could spoil the day for the home fans and sneak through to the Round of 8. Dolderer said yesterday that he was improving with every run and that he is boosted by the support from the fans. He was second here last year – he'll want to go one better to salvage his season.

Heat 4
François Le Vot vs Yoshihide Muroya
Le Vot has been pleased with his times, but he is up against the track record holder, so it will be tough. Since his third place in Budapest, Muroya has been struggling with form and will want to be back on that podium. One thing is for sure, when it comes to Muroya, he thrives under pressure.

Heat 5
Michael Goulian vs Pete McLeod
In yesterday's Qualifying these two set times within 0.367s of each other. McLeod, usually on fire in Qualifying, has seemed to be struggling here, but is he holding it back to make sure he's got it all to give on Race Day? We'll find out soon enough. Goulian has looked quick and says he has his lines sorted. He likes this track and feels he'll be able to get a little more out of his raceplane today.

Heat 6
Peter Podlunsek vs Petr Kopfstein
These pilots both joined the Master Class in 2016 and have had varying degrees of success. Both have claimed a second place finish this season, but Kopfstein has been more consistent, getting into the Round of 8 at every race apart from the season opener. Podlunsek has struggled since his podium and he hasn't managed to get through to the Round of 8 since San Diego. The stats say that this will be Kopfstein's heat.

Heat 7
Cristian Bolton vs Matt Hall
The fastest against the slowest from Qualifying. Bolton has flown smoothly and cleanly here in Lausitz, which he is happy with as he builds experience in the Master Class. However, he was more than two seconds slower than Hall in Qualifying so he'll be hoping Hall has a bad run. Hall won here in 2016 and has been looking as good as ever since his third place in Porto. All this will put him and his team in the perfect frame of mind for today's racing.

The Round of 14 kicks off at 14:00 (local) watch all the action right HERE.

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