A lookback at Budapest

Budapest is the bedrock of the Red Bull Air Race, here's what happened in the 10 previous races

Matthias Holderer won last year

As we prepare to return to Budapest for the 11th time in the motorsport's history it's time to look at what has happened in the past. Budapest is one of the most iconic races in the Red Bull Air Race. It's the spiritual home of the sport and fans love the spectacle. Here's how the races went in the past...

The first time the Red Bull Air Race flew into Budapest it was only the second ever race in the motorsport's history. It was held at Tököl Airport on the outskirts of the city. The man credited with founding the series, Peter Besenyei, took the win at what was his first home race and with it the title.

Besenyei on his way to victory in 2003

In 2004 the Red Bull Air Race had its first outing above the Danube, which has now become one of the most iconic fixtures in the sport's calendar. It was the middle race in the three-race season and Kirby Chambliss won, beating Klaus Schrodt into second and Besenyei into third.

Chambliss was the first pilot to win over the Danube

Mike Mangold claimed his fourth win of the 2005 season in Budapest, he went on to win the final race of the season in San Francisco to take the World Championship title. In the fight above the Danube, Mangold pushed fellow American, Chambliss into second place and Paul Bonhomme into third.

Mike Mangold claimed his first Budapest victory in 2005

Kirby Chambliss became the World Champion in 2006 but he didn't even make it onto the podium in 2006. The top spot went to British pilot, and current Race Director, Steve Jones who won in front of the thousands of fans that lined the Danube. Fellow Brit Paul Bonhomme finished second with Mike Mangold in third.

Current Race Director Steve Jones won in 2006

Mike Mangold, on his way to his second title, won in Budapest in 2007 with Chambliss in second and Bonhomme in third. The 2007 race was to prove pivotal in the overall standings. It was Mangold's last win of the season and at the season finale he and Bonhomme were tied on 47 points each, the title was going to go to a tiebreaker, which Mangold won to be crowned champion for the second time in his career.

Mangold on his way to his second Budapest win

After bursting on the scene in 2007 Hannes Arch was taking the series by storm. Budapest was the seventh race of the nine-round season and although Arch had claimed four podiums, his first career win had eluded him until now. He stormed to victory over the Danube in 2008 and went on to take the World Championship in only his second year.

Hannes Arch's first win came in Budapest

Budapest in 2009 was to be Michael Goulian's race, the American pilot took the first win of his career in the race. It's one of his greatest achievements in the series and one he'll be looking back at when he arrives in Hungary later this month. Bonhomme finished second with Chambliss in third.

Goulian also collected his first career win in Budapest

Although a race was scheduled in 2010 it was cancelled.

After a break until 2014, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship returned to Budapest in 2015. Hannes Arch won with Paul Bonhomme finishing second and Martin Sonka in third. This was the last time Paul Bonhomme would stand on the podium in Budapest, and despite a career that collected three World Championship titles and 19 race victories he never won in Budapest.

Arch took his second Budapest win in 2015

Matthias Dolderer won in Budapest last year in a race that was cut short due to the unseasonable rain. It was his second career victory and put him well on his way to claiming the title last year....

Dolderer dominated in Budapest last year

What will happen on 01-02 July this year? You'll have to wait and see. Don't miss your chance to be there, tickets are available HERE.