Marvellous McLeod storms through Round of 14

Canadian sets fastest time again

McLeod set the fastest time of the round

Pete McLeod didn't let the conditions bother him in the Kazan track this afternoon in the Round of 14. He set the fastest time of the day so far, whilst Martin Sonka and Yoshihide Muroya were both eliminated. Here's how the Round of 14 went down...

Heat 1
Velarde vs Goulian
It's never easy to be the first in the track, but Juan Velarde handled the pressure and flew beautifully setting a time of 59.128s for Goulian to beat. The American was looking good in the track, but Gate 4 struck again and he hit a pylon adding three seconds to his run. However, Goulian progresses as the fastest loser.

Heat 2
Dolderer vs Chambliss
Matthias Dolderer's bad run continued in the track today when he clipped the second gate of the chicane. He was looking good up until that point and Chambliss just had to post a clean time. Never one to make it easy for himself, Chambliss also clipped a pylon at Gate 10, but his final time was 0.070s faster and collected his seat in the Round of 8.

Heat 3
Muroya vs Hall
Championship leader Muroya thought he had the better of this track, but a pylon hit and an incorrect level meant five seconds worth of penalties were added to his time. This offered Hall the perfect opportunity to get into the Round of 8 and just had to fly faster than 1:04.153. Hall himself hit the Gate 4 pylon, but calmed himself and focused on making sure the rest of his run was clean, which it was and he was 1.359s faster.

Heat 4
Bolton vs Ivanoff
Cristian Bolton flew a perfect run and set a time of 1:01.837, which put pressure on Nicolas Ivanoff to fly well. Ivanoff was flying beautifully in the track he loves and was well ahead, but flew through the penultimate gate and wasn't level, costing him two seconds and putting an end to his day.

Heat 5
Podlunsek vs Kopfstein
This was the Challenger Class of '16 facing each other. Podlunsek went through in 1:05.272 and hit pylons at Gate 10 and Gate 11 costing him dearly. This meant Kopfstein just had to fly clean. He was calm in his run and even with a wing stall in the VTM he still was more than three seconds faster than Podlunsek.

Heat 6
Le Vot vs Sonka
François Le Vot set a fantastic time in the testing conditions. He posted a 1:00.794, which piled the pressure on Martin Sonka. Sonka had an early stall in the VTM and cost him a lot of time, he was nearly a second behind at the first split. It was too much for Sonka to get back and he missed out of moving forward by 0.158s

Heat 7
Brageot vs McLeod
Mikael Brageot was unlucky in the track again and hit the Gate 4 pylon giving him a time of 1:03.650. He will be frustrated after flying well earlier in the week. McLeod once again blitzed the track and set the fastest time of the day. He set a 58.358s, which was amazing in the testing conditions.

The Round of 8 takes place at 16:00 local time, catch all the action right HERE.

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