McLeod and Ivanoff back on form

The two pilots review their Indy race and look forward to Fort Worth

McLeod crossing the Finish Gate

Pete McLeod and Nicolas Ivanoff, by their own admissions, have not had their best seasons, but at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway both of them ended up on the podium and are now looking forward to the season finale and 2019.

McLeod finished third overall in 2017, but has not been able to repeat his form this year. And Nicolas Ivanoff had not been in the Final 4 since the season opener in Abu Dhabi back in 2016, when he won the race.

"This season has not been great," said Ivanoff. "I broke my plane at the first race and we tried to repair it, but it wasn't good. Since then we've done a lot of work on the plane and for me to feel good flying it. The last big change was the engine, which we changed just before the Indy race. It was a lot of work and I have to thank my team for that. It was nice to be back on the podium."

Although McLeod's story is different to Ivanoff's, he's had a similar season. "It felt good to be in the Race Day press conference," said McLeod. "It's been a challenging season. I've had some bad luck, but I've also made mistakes – which are squarely on me – so it's been up and down. It felt good to be on the podium, but we started to make changes in Austria, we've switched gears to 2019. We've reset and refocused which has taken the pressure off us for this season," he explained.

The final race of the season heads back to Fort Worth, Texas. Ivanoff won there in 2014 and often performs well at the speedway tracks, so is the Frenchman looking forward to a return?

"I would like to do the same this year as I did in 2014. It was a good feeling back then and I feel that if we work like we have been then it will be a good race for me – I like to fly three times on Race Day, so I'm hoping I'll be able to," Ivanoff explained.

McLeod however, is looking further into the future. "This season is a little different in terms of the schedule," said McLeod. "The offseason is different so I think you'll see a lot of teams completing their modifications before Fort Worth. It might be easier for me because I've already made that shift into 2019. The pressure is off me."

But that doesn't mean McLeod won't be firing on all cylinders in Fort Worth. "I'm not worried about the result. I had fun in Indy, I just wanted to fly fast. That's what puts a smile on my face. Some days I just look at the net times, ignore the penalties, and if it's a fast time, I'm happy!"

Ivanoff and McLeod are hoping to be spoilers in the pack at the season finale in Fort Worth on 17-18 November. Tickets are still available, so don't miss out, get yours HERE.