Muroya the master of Lausitz

Yoshihide Muroya collected his third win to keep the title fight exceptionally tight

Japan's Muroya took his third 2017 win

Yoshihide Muroya flew the perfect race, setting the fastest time today to take the win in the Final 4. The Japanese pilot was second to fly in the track and knew that he had to beat a 50.846s, set by Matt Hall, who flew first.

Muroya's split times were all green as he gained time on his Australian rival in his run. Muroya crossed the finish line in 50.451s and pushed ahead of Hall.

Next out of the blocks was Juan Velarde, who had had an easy run to get to the Final 4. He unfortunately picked up a penalty at Gate 11 for incorrect level flying. That two second penalty put an end to Velarde's hopes as he finished with a time of 53.680s.

All eyes then turned to championship leader Martin Sonka, who in front of a large crowd of Czech fans, was the favourite for the win. He pushed hard and was penalty free, but the split times started in the red and stayed there. He was unable to topple Muroya's time and posted a 50.964s to finish in third.

This all makes for a thrilling season finale in Indianapolis next month. 11 points separate the top four pilots, so there is everything to fight for.

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