Muroya puts down warning in Round of 8

Eight are whittled down to four…

Muroya fastest

Yoshihide Muroya set the fastest time in the Round of 8 to claim his place in the Final 4. He will be joined by Matt Hall, Martin Sonka and Matthias Dolderer, here's how the heats panned out...

Heat 8
Hall vs McLeod
Matt Hall knows when to put his foot down and up the tempo and that's exactly what he did in his run, setting a 57.708s for Pete McLeod to beat. He was faster at the first split time, but then his run started to unravel. He picked up a two second penalty for incorrect level and then he clipped a pylon... his race was over and he handed the heat to Hall.

Heat 9
Brageot vs Muroya
Mika Brageot flew penalty free but his time was a little off the fastest pace in today's race. He posted a time of 58.494, which, although not the quickest, it would be enough to put Muroya under pressure. Yoshihide Muroya stayed cool as every split time turned green. When he crossed the Finish Gate he was more than a second faster than Brageot and also set his best time of the week.

Heat 10
Velarde vs Dolderer
Juan Velarde was flying like he was on rails and posted a brilliant time, but he was penalised for flying the VTM incorrectly and handed a one second penalty. That mistake gave him a total time of 58.886s. Dolderer knew he wanted to fly clean and fast to get to the Final 4. At the first split time, Dolderer was already more than one second faster than Velarde. And by the time he crossed the Finish Gate he was 0.936s faster and through to the Final 4 for the first time in 2018.

Heat 11
Sonka vs Goulian
Martin Sonka was a little off the pace. He flew cleanly but had an anxious wait in his cockpit while Goulian flew his Round of 8 run. Goulian was behind at the first split but his textbook VTM saw him pull ahead at the halfway point. But he lost pace in the second lap, lost time in the second VTM and finished just 0.247s, letting Sonka through to the Final 4.

Cannes 2018 Round of 8 results