Over-Gs dictate the Round of 14 results

The VTMs caught out four pilots

McLeod out due to over-G

In calm conditions the pilots in the Round of 14 were unable to adjust their flying and four pilots lost out due to breaking the G-limit. Here's how the heats played out...

Heat 1
Bolton vs McLeod
Cristian Bolton was ecstatic after his run and he was right to be, posting a time of 58.234s, almost two seconds faster than his Qualifying time. This result gave McLeod everything to do. McLeod was 0.203s ahead at the first split time, but the Race Director Jim DiMatteo told Pete to "knock it off," due to an Over-G, ending his race, and putting Bolton through.

Heat 2
Le Vot vs Hall
François Le Vot was another pilot to set his best time of the week. He flew his VTMs perfectly and crossed the Finish Gate in 57.892s putting the pressure on the championship leader. Hall crossed the Start Gate exactly on 200kts, but at the first split he was behind. But he kept his energy better in the raceplane and took the win away from Le Vot by more than a second.

Heat 3
Velarde vs Brageot
So eager to set a fast time, Juan Velarde pulled too hard in the first VTM and exceeded the G-limit. This meant he was told to RTB (Return To Base) as his race was over. Brageot only had to fly a valid session to progress to the Round of 8. But the Frenchman wanted to set a good time for the next round and crossed the Finish Gate in 58.293s.

Heat 4
Ivanoff vs Kopfstein
Nicolas Ivanoff hasn't enjoyed this Budapest round and although he flew well, he had to adjust in the track and that slowed him down. This saw him set a time of 59.417s for Petr Kopfstein to beat. Kopfstein was looking great in the track and at the second split time he was 0.246s ahead of Ivanoff, but he lost time in the final two VTMs and crossed the Finish Gate 0.048s behind the Frenchman and had to settle for second place.

Heat 5
Murphy vs Chambliss
Ben Murphy flew exceptionally well in his flight and with his smoke system fixed he didn't collect any penalties and was able to set a time of 58.996s for Chambliss to beat. Chambliss was looking good in the track but at the first vertical turn he held the pull for a fraction too long and collected a two second penalty and was unable to claw that back and missed out. Murphy got through 0.532s ahead of Chambliss.

Heat 6
Goulian vs Muroya
Michael Goulian flew cleanly in his run and set a competitive time of 57.504s putting the pressure on Muroya. Muroya wanted to make amends for his performance in Chiba, but pushed too hard and went over the 12G limit and ended his Race Day, putting Goulian through to the Round of 8.

Heat 7
Dolderer vs Sonka
Martin Sonka only had to fly against himself due to Matthias Dolderer not competing due to illness. Sonka set a time of 58.356s, which will see him go against François Le Vot in the Round of 8.

The Round of 8 begins at 15:00 local time, catch the action HERE.

Budapest 2018 Master Class Round of 14 results