Pilots put out their playlists

Coleman and Goulian

As we return to San Diego for round two of the 2017 season we handed the headphones and mixing desk to two pilots of the Red Bull Air Race, so they could share the music that gets them ready to race...

It's the first round to be held in the US this season, so who better to share their music with us than Michael Goulian and Challenger Class pilot Kevin Coleman? These are the tunes that get them fired up for the Red Bull Air Race.

Kevin Coleman – Born Free
If one pilot in the Air Race could be classed as 'all American' it's Kevin Coleman. He sees what he wants and he goes out and grabs it; he embodies the American dream! This outlook on life comes through in his playlist – Born Free! It's all about living the life you love with a real country feel. Have a listen and see why Coleman waves the Stars and Stripes with pride!

Michael Goulian – Life Is A Highway
We've all got our jams that get us pumped for the gym, the football field or the race ahead. King of the American skies, Michael Goulian has put together his playlist that gets him fired up when he gets in his cockpit to race. Goulian has picked a foot stomping rock selection including Aerosmith, Creed and Foo Fighters – listen here and be ready to race!