Pilots react to Race Day at Fort Worth

The Master Class pilots share their thoughts after an action-packed finale in Texas

Nicolas Ivanoff celebrates his first win of the 2014 season.

After a phenomenal Race Day here in Fort Worth, the pilots take a moment to reflect on the day's events...

1. Nicolas Ivanoff

"I feel really, really happy. I got a podium last race and a victory now; I'm feeling really good for sure. It was not easy with the changing winds; there were many pylon hits over the course of the week. Today I tried to fly the track as fast as I could just to lose a tenth of a second. When I first flew in the racetrack, I wasn't sure I liked it too much but slowly, step-by-step, I managed to improve."

2. Nigel Lamb

"I've had three second place finishes now, so it's a little bit frustrating not to manage to do just that little bit more. But second place is great and really good for me in terms of points. It will be more challenging in Las Vegas due to the density altitude; the elevation above sea level is much higher. Today was a cool day but if we have a high altitude and 32°C plus then it's going to be a big challenge for us. We're taking one race at a time, but our strategy is to win."

3. Pete McLeod

"I went as fast as I could out there today. Maybe I could go back and study the lines and find out where some of the other guys were performing a little better. But I flew really consistently all day long and went all out in the Final 4. I didn't leave anything on the table so I'm happy. The big thing for me is getting no penalties and no disqualifications, so it feels good."

4. Matthias Dolderer

"Of course I'm a little disappointed; I had the best time in both the Top 12 and the Super 8. But I just need to get that out of my head and focus on Las Vegas. Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (laughs). The results indicate that we can do it, so I'm really hoping that I can get on the podium there and maybe even win."

5. Paul Bonhomme

"We were doing well but as you can see we've been half a second behind the pace all week. We thought we could catch up today but I slightly overleaned the engine in that Super 8 round, which meant we had slightly less power, so that was a mistake on my part. Hopefully we'll do better in Las Vegas."

6. Matt Hall

"A couple of days ago it was looking as if this could be my race, so I'm disappointed that we could've done better. I think, subconsciously, I slowed down because of my big pylon hit yesterday; I was right on the edge so I didn't want to do that again. I was determined to fly cleanly today without a penalty but in this track you've got to fly right on the edge to get a good time. It just so happened that I wasn't firing on all cylinders today."

7. Martin Sonka

"It was a pity not to make it into the Final 4. The problem today was the penalty I got at the second to last gate. I made a similar mistake in Poland and then in Ascot the problem was with the gusty winds. The goal is to fly clean, fly fast, get more experience and prepare the aeroplane for the upcoming season."

8. Hannes Arch

"For sure the pressure is huge because there are so many good pilots; the race was completely open. I was happy with my performance in the Top 12 – I did everything I could do – and I pushed in the Super 8. So from our point of view, we did the maximum we could do. We really need to get our technical problems solved before Las Vegas. It's better for me to be the hunter; the pressure is less and that definitely helps because you can go into the race with the attitude of 'nothing to lose'."

9. Yoshihide Muroya

"The wind shifted yesterday, so we were struggling to get through the gates. But today the conditions were the same as yesterday, so everybody was flying quite well. I was head-to-head with Matthias Dolderer and he simply flew better than me, so that's it. We now know how the plane reacts with these air conditions, so we can be better prepared in Las Vegas. We'll do well in Las Vegas."

10. Kirby Chambliss

"You can't blame the weather out here; I had the same conditions as Martin [Sonka], so I can't use that as an excuse. I try to think back and I don't remember a time when I've been this disappointed. I really feel like I've let my fans and family down; I'm not really sure what happened out there. It's possible that I leaned out a little too much and that slowed the aeroplane down. I thought I had a good run, so I'm super disappointed."

11. Mike Goulian

"The Texas weather yesterday was the wind. The Texas weather today was the heat. In the start of the day, the track was faster because there was more cloud cover and the temperatures were cooler. But about half way through you could see that the track times started getting slower with the guys at the end. It's just what you get here in Texas. Vegas will be a lot like here. If the conditions are calm, I think we'll have a good race. If they're like yesterday then it's going to be difficult."

12. Peter Besenyei

"Today the weather conditions were much better than yesterday. Yesterday we had a tailwind through the chicane, which made our job quite difficult, but today it was much better. As you can see, everybody had better times than yesterday. To be honest, this year, with this wing, it's quite hopeless but I try to do my best of course. Today I did my best, but there's a limit to the plane so there's nothing to do."

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