Porto 2017 reactions: Challenger Class Free Practice

The Challengers on their first taste of Portugal

Bergér after his flight

The summer sunshine welcomed the pilots of the Challenger Class in Porto as they made their way into the racetrack for the first time. Here's what they thought of the day...

Florian Bergér
"I like the track a lot, it's really cool. It's going pretty well for me here so far. I've only done a little bit of flying since Budapest and I was looking forward to getting back in the track. I still need to work some things out, but I'm happy so far."

Kevin Coleman
"The morning session was good, but the afternoon session wasn't. I tried a couple of different things in Free Practice 2, some of them worked and some didn't. As a result I was slower and picked up some penalties. We have another practice session tomorrow to try other things and I'm confident we'll have it all worked out by Sunday."

Kenny Chiang
"I love being in Porto and feel very privileged to fly here. The track is very fast and similar to Budapest. It's a track that doesn't favour my flying style and I am losing a lot of time in the VTMs (Vertical Turning Manoeuvres) so I have work to do."

Melanie Astles
"Porto is lovely and it's a great track, but it's difficult to get different lines from anyone else. Although I'm satisfied with my flying, I need to improve because Florian is so far ahead of me. Tomorrow is another day."

Ben Murphy
"I normally prefer the land-based tracks for the sense of speed, but in Porto it's perfect. You have the water but you get that feeling of speed as the buildings and people fly by. There isn't much you can do in terms of lines, but the pilot that nails the VTMs is the pilot that will be in the running."

Daniel Genevey
"Porto is really impressive. The track is very fast and I need to learn different things than in Kazan and San Diego. My VTM is wider than other people's here and I think I'm losing a little speed by not being fluid enough. It's very interesting for me."

The Challengers have their final Free Practice session tomorrow before Qualifying, you can follow all the action HERE!